Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy part 11


This was Sam’s response (what’s between the =’s is his quoting me):

=I was in Egypt a few years ago–people thought i was a native Egyptian.=

SAM: Then you are probably very light skinned and have predominantly Caucasian features.

=Do you know what the people look like in Egypt today? Here are some images for you:=

SAM: Are you REALLY this dumb? You’ve posted a whole slew of photographs of NUBIANS. Do you even know where Egypt is?


My response: (post 115)

I am the complexion of Will Smith, and there is NO WAY ON EARTH i could ever pass as “white.” Why is it that in America you guys will call me n!gger (if you can get away with it), but in Egypt i become an “honorary white?!?” If you read the captions of many of the pictures, they were ALL TAKEN IN EGYPT. I used the word “Nubian” in my search so that i would not have to sort thru dark skinned (black-black) Egyptians from fairer skinned ones–but both are Egyptians, and the darker ones have been there from the ancient days.

I know one person–he is almost coal black (darker than a typical Somali) with a big “fro”–and he is Egyptian! Even i was surprised when i found out he was Egyptian. But that is the fact of the matter [Maa-shaa’ Allah, i bumped into him at the “Mecca Market” in Philly during my last trip there–i hadn’t seen him in more than a dozen years!].

[This was in response to his claim that the Nubians the real “black Egyptians”) only live in the Upper Nile. My response is that black folks can live in the Upper Nile and get around over most of the continent of Africa… but somehow can’t make their way DOWN the Nile (the Nile actually flows NORTH)].

What’s wrong in you guys minds. Black–as in “negroes”–make it all the way to the Maldives and mainland India, but somehow they can’t travel a few miles down (not even up) the Nile?!? Nubians have been living in Egypt loooooooooong before many of the fairer skinned folks came, and even after a great deal of racial mixing in Egypt, you still can find plenty of people in Egypt who are undoubtedly “mixed negro.”

Images of some of those very dark skinned white people with moderate Negro features (according to Sam):



Erin2egypt-kidsTo match feature EGYPT-EDUCATION/These are random pics. Granted there are plenty of fair-skinned Egyptians in some areas (but many of them are relatively recent immgrants), but all in all, much of Egypt today is filled with people who look like what Lenny Kravitz’s and Lisa Bonet’s children look like–or if Barack Obama had a child with Halle Berry. The point i am making is that you have a country where there are still very black Africans with “negroid features.” You have MANY, as they would’ve been called back in the day, “mulatto” people running around. The country has been occupied and invaded by numerous typically fairer skinned people over the past 2,500 years. There wasn’t a racial apartheid system put into place. And yet, the people still look like many African-Americans. It is reasonable to conclude that the Egypt in ancient times had a substantial “real black” population. Anyway, the kids below would not have been called “white” (with the exception of the guy second from the left… but then there’s no tellin’ what his parents look like) here in America circa 1950 (or today, for that matter).


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