Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy (part 2): Sam’s Response


Sam’s Response: (He’s responding to me—my statements are between the = =)

=Just curious–how do you know that whites invented the wheel?=

The earliest evidence for one comes from Mespotamia. The population of that area was at the time and remains to the present Caucasian. They weren’t Mongoloid Asians or black Africans, but Caucasian people who lived there.

=I’ve heard that no one knows who invented the wheel=

We don’t know the person’s name, but we know where it first appeared.

=Whites discovering the Americas??? Like i said, this is a sign of your blatant racism. How can whites “discover” a land that was already inhabited by TENS of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!?! =

No, this idiocy is evidence of YOUR blatant racism. From Europe’s and the rest of the world’s perspective, Columbus discovered the Americas. That doesn’t mean he was the first person to set foot here, or even the first European. He was, however, the person who brought two worlds together that were previously unknown to each other. If a black African had been the one to make the voyage, he would have discovered it just as Columbus it, and if a Native American had ventured out into the sea and landed in Europe or Africa, from the American perspective he would have “discovered” Europe and Africa, even though tens of millions of people lived there.

=Oh, i forgot, that non-white people are not really people (in you guys minds).=

No, racist imbecile, that’s not it at all.

=Anyway, there is ample evidence that Africans and Chinese were in the Americas long before the white man “discovered” it.=

The only “Africans” who there exists any evidence of being here were descendants of Greek colonists in North Africa, most probably from Cyrene in what is now Libya, but even that connection is tenuous. There’s a shred of evidence that some Chinese landed here as well, but if they did, word never got back to China about it. They were as ignorant about the existence of the Americas as the rest of the world was before Columbus got here.

=One of my students recently said–and he figured it out on his own–that a thing is not “discovered” unless white folks confirm its existence (he meant that ironically).=
I’ve heard that same black racist drivel before, so the chances are he picked it up somewhere else first and just regurgitated it for your listening pleasure. BTW, what do you teach? Racism 101?

=As far as the circumference of the earth and the distance from the earth to the sun, even Western (i mean, white folks–you don’t really mean “Western”) admit that the Egyptians had this knowledge.=

No, racist, no one “admits” any such thing because it was never true. Aristarchus was in Egypt when he performed the experiment he used for calculating the circumference of the earth, but he was Greek and what he did was unknown to any Egyptian… unless, of course, you can provide some or any evidence that the Egyptians knew what the circumference of the earth was, or even that it was a globe. So please cite your sources for this alledged “admission” you’ve manufactured.

=In regards to mathematics–even in more “recent” history, much of it comes from the contributions of the Muslim world which reach you guys via Moorish Spain and Moorish Sicily–this includes algebra, algorithims, the expansion of Euclidean geometry, calculus and of course the very numbers that you guys use nowadays–including, the concept of zero.=

Moron, what mathematics the Muslim world did not come through Spain but through Asia Minor, and you have the path of exchange wrong. Rome inherited the mathematical work done by the Greeks and added some of its own. The Eastern Roman Empire, aka Byzantium retained it. When that terroritory became Muslim, they inherited the work already done by the Roman empire and advanced it further. Those advancements came back into Europe through later contact, but the initial work was all Greek.

=Stam, what your own historians are “discovering” today is the depth of the debt that “Western” civilization owes to the Moors (read: brown, black and non-white folk), in particular (whether it be in mathematics, astronomy, architecture, physics, literature, historiography, navigation, commerce, etc.).=

You’re just making this sh_t up. It’s what racists like you do.

=You guys have built off of those who preceded you–like all other civilizations.=

Not much. The direction of cultural influence has been overwhelmingly FROM European / Western civilization TO other civilizations, including among other things, math that the Muslims inherited and advanced.

=Now one might say that you “stole” those ideas from the Moors, such as, after the fall of Toledo or later, Granada, by the raiding of those libraries, or one may say that you “borrowed” those ideas without acknowledging their sources.=
Or neither since the Renaissance did not originate in Spain and since the influence of the Spanish moors did not spread into the rest of Europe.

=But you cannot say that you “discovered” these things independent of significant contributions of those who came before you.=

We could, can and do in those instances when there really was cultural exchange, not imagined exchange or influence. There’s a difference between reality and fiction, something lost on you.

=It happens to be the case that you guys are about the only major game in town today–at least by the materialistic standards by which you evaluate things, but we also see signs of the end of white-ism. For one, white folks cannot live in a genuinely multi-cultural world (for they would be absorbed and eliminated by all the yellow, brown and black folks).=

Racist, we already LIVE in a genuinely multi-cultural world.

=This is why you guys look out at the world with such a hostile attitude–especially, you white males.=

Yep, us bad ‘ol white males… who created the world’s first working democracy, the world’s most diverse country, the world’s most tolerant country, and who have worked diligently to spread freedom and human rights around the globe. Some hostility.

=The very existence of a “black” person like myself is a threat to you–and your identity.=

[Point of clarification–what i meant by my existence being a threat to people like Sam is that in time, in an open multicultural society, “white” people, as they have been traditionally defined in American society would naturally be bred out of existence by various people of color.  I was not implying a physical threat… but then i guess i was.]

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