Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy (part 4)


Sam, either you are just very ignorant or arrogant. The Renaissance was started by the contact–professed by your own people–with the Moors. Where do you want to start? Do you want to talk about literature and Dante? You know the source of his so-called Divine comedy, don’t you? In math, i already said that the knowledge of the use of the zero/Arabic numerals came from the Moors and an Italian–who studied in NORTH AFRICA.

The contributions in astonomy are there in the astronomical jargon itself. The Moors built off those before them, just like the Greeks, and it was the Moors and their influence thru Spain (or the contacts the Italians had with the Moors) that took Europe out of its Dark Ages.

Sam, go tell the folks at Wounded Knee:

Mass burial of Native Americans at Wounded Knee, South Dakota:

Mass burial of Native Americans at Wounded Knee, South Dakota:

about how “tolerant” you white guys. Or the folks here on this web site about how “tolerant” you guys are. How many of your white “heroes” called black people animals and treated them like sub-humans? Shoot, it is even in that very work of law that black folks are less than human–60% human so they say. Or what about the Vietnamese and folks in the region? Sam, ya really didn’t need to fire bomb folks with B-52’s–there were little babies living in those in thatched huts. Three to four million dead in the name of “white tolerance?!?” Need we list the MAGNITUDE of butchery you guys have done in just the past hundreds years–while claiming to be representing freedom and liberty? Sam, this is why a lot of folks don’t like y’all. For one, ya killed a lot of brown folks to keep the “white thing” going on–but then you turn around and claim that you guys are “pro-humanity.” Sam, it’s tired, the folks here see thru it. You’re right, the white male isn’t seen favorably by the MAJORITY of people who know just a little about what you guys have done, and as one person said: your time is up.

[For the record: i am referring to the attitude of white racism.  I don’t hate (or like) people on the basis of their skin color or ethnic-racial heritage.]

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