Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy (part 6): A Side Note


This was a side comment to another poster:


I’ve dealt with a couple of his kind before on this site. These are the types of white guys who will swear up and down that they are not racist, but in the same breath say: “Columbus discovered America.” He was on another post and said, in essence, that the terrorists can do what they want as long as they don’t kill WESTERN people. Of course, we know that “Western” is a code word for “white” (Western does not mean folks living in Timbuktu or Marrakesh–which are further “west” than Paris and Rome). In minds of such folks, non-westerners (black/brown/yellow folk) are considered less valuable than “whites.”

The real disease of these guys is their arrogance, and that they built an identity upon their skin color. They set up a racial system that precludes them from mixing with other races without putting their very existence as a racial identity in jeopardy. This is why wherever they have gone, they have set up racist apartheid systems and worked to annihilate native (read: brown/black) people. This has been the same pattern all over the earth: Australia, Hawaiian Islands, Algeria, Kenya, all of southern Africa, British India, and of course, in the Franco-Anglo Americas. We are not talking about an isolated incident or two–we are talking about a pattern that rarely deviates. That’s bad enough as it is, but then these guys turn around and say that they brought “liberty, freedom, and equality” to the very people they half–or altogether–annihilated. It’s one thing to be savage–it’s another to be a savage AND a hypocrite.

When the Mongols went on their rampages across Asia 800 years ago, they did not try to pretend to be something they’re not. These white guys, however, really believe that they represent the “universal man,” and that they are the liberators of humanity. Because they are so self delusional, they have a hard time understanding why a whole lot of folks don’t like them. It’s easy for them to fix themselves (at least in theory)–the first step is just admit that their ancestors did some nasty brutal things in the name of preserving whiteness. Nobody is forcing these white guys to identify with the likes of an Andrew Jackson, Jeffery Amherst, Ted Roosevelt, or Christopher Columbus. But as been said, a people are known by their heroes, and we know white folks by the people they honor.

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