Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy part 8


[I don’t have the context of this response, but i think i might have said: so-and-so (“black” person) is “white” (or British) by reversing the one drop rule. Also, regarding West Africa, i was speaking about migration patterns (some of the oral traditions of West Africans report their origins as coming from the east… Egypt/Nile Valley is in the eastern part of Africa.]

MLK spoke English–and if not he, a whole lot of black people in America are “Englishmen.” All we need to do is simply reverse the “one drop rule” (that you guys made up). White slave masters (many of whom were British) had children with black African slaves. Those children would be part “African” and part “English.” The problem here is that those white men, as a whole, were dead beat dads who abandoned (or even sold) their own kids. These dead beat white guys disowned anyone–even their own offspring–who was not a “pure white” (irony intended). Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop these so-called “black” children from being Englishmen–or being of English descent.

On the Wolof

There are studies on this topic. The matter is simple: the people of West Africa were not always there. They came from somewhere (just as the folks of central Finland were not always there–they came from somewhere). In many of the West African oral traditions, they report that they came from the east. Some researchers have even linked–believe it or not–Egypt with the rest of Africa. Before the white guys came along and “discovered” everyone, Sam, people were getting around and traveling and intermarrying–without having to ask you guys for permission. The world simply ain’t about you guys. Get over it. Move on and become a real human being.

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