Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy part 15


It is an amazing sleight of hand by white racist to claim that an “Egyptian” living in Alexandria (which should tell us something right there) of Cypriot, Greek, Albanian, Cissarian, Syrian, Turkish and Kurdish ancestry is a “real Egyptian”, while a black looking guy one hundred miles up the Nile whose family, clan, and tribe have been there since beyond recollection is somehow not a “genuine Egyptian.” Clearly this demonstrates that racism is some sort of mental illness–a disease of the mind that refuses to accept reality.

This is your brain:


This is your brain on racism:

[I’ll spare y’all the image of canine fecal matter.]

Just curious, Sam,

You called me a racist. Where have i ever expressed a racist remark or sentiment here? I don’t have any problem at all with “white” people–i have a problem with white RACISM. I even speak out against black racist who claim things like you guys are the product of a genetic engineering experiment 6,675 years ago. I even take flack for that (from black racist). The phrase “white devil” was mentioned in the article on Tasmania wasn’t my own, and what i would mean by such a statement, if i were to ever use it, would be in reference to the savage acts of the white Tasmanian settlers in the name of “whiteness.” Personally, i try to stay away from such phrases, for they can be misconstrued by the black racist and whites.

I also have not said that “black” people are superior to white people. Building some giant structures somewhere 4,000 years ago does not make a person a decent human being–nor does having an air-conditioner or putting a space shuttle into orbit. A person’s character–not color–is what matters.

I will say, however, that “white” people innovated a stooooooopid system that puts them at odds with everyone else in the human family. It’s like this, for example:

1. Black man + Black woman = Black child
2. Black man + White woman = Black child
3. Black woman + White man = Black child
4. The Product of 1-3 + Product of 1-3 = Black child
5. White man + White woman = White child (only one way to do it–given your model)

Now obviously, given your system (not mine), it is obvious that i gotta go if you wish to preserve your “whiteness” and white identity. You understand the implications of this as readily as i do. And your pattern of conduct (meaning, those savages you identify with and defend as heroes) demonstrates that you put theory to practice. In my model, i suggest this:

Human male + Human female = Human child

I am simply trying to show you how to be a real human being and not a mere “white guy”. There is a better way to live, and that, my human brother, is not racist.

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