I wanted to address Sam’s claim that the Muslim/Moorish influence on Europe was nominal. God-willing, i will post some links from (mostly) Orientalist sources (hence, no one can accuse me of cherry-picking from the Multi-culturalists). The influence of Islamic civilization upon the West is deep and profound. There is no Western civilization without the influence of the Muslims.

As for the use of the terms “Moors,” no i am NOT from (or of the mindset of) the Moorish Science Temple folk. I don’t think that all of the Moors in Spain were dark skinned Africans. I’m confident that many if not most were not. But there was DEFINITELY a black component, and at times a substantial one (like, during the era of the Almoravids). Also, in the psyche of the Europeans (meaning, Christian Europeans–the Moors, after all, were “European”), they considered many of the Moors to be “black.” The most famous in European literature being “Othello.” In America prominent actors (uh, i mean white actors) dressed in black face to play the Othello role (after all it was illegal in some places for a black man to have close relations with a white woman–and at least taboo in most other places).

othello rPaul Robeson’s playing opposite of a white Ophelia caused a big stir in England:

othello robe
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