Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy part 14


A little on emigrations to Egypt in the past 2,300 years. Doing this off the top of my head; someone can double check the dates.

Alexander, the Greeks, and the Ptolemies (Cleopatra/”Egyptianized” Greeks)–300 BCE-50 BCE

The Romans (think: Cleopatra/Caesar intrigue)–50 BCE

The Christian era and people from various parts of Christiandom (Meditterean world/Mid East) to settle therein–1-650 CE

The Muslim era–the initial stage of mostly Arab conquest–650 CE

Abbassids/so-called “Fatimid Era
The Muslim era with an influx of people coming into Egypt from all over the world (Egypt as center for learning Al-Azhar University, the oldest universtiy in the world); Egypt as center for trade and Cairo one of the largest cities in the world. Egypt as staging point for those going to Hajj from all points west–720-1255

Mameluke Era
White Muslim slaves imported from eastern Europe governed Egypt. The invasion/occupation of the Frank (mostly French) Crusaders. The fleeing of Levantine Arabs and other ethnic groups from greater Syria from the Crusaders. Also, the movement of “Franco-Arabs” (that is, those of Arab-Crusader descent)–1255-1525

Ottoman Era
People from all over the domains of the Ottomans (Eastern Europe, Hungary, Cyprus, Greece, Arabia, Greater Syria, North Africa, etc.) and from elsewhere in the Muslim world migrate to the cosmopolitan city of Cairo (and elsewhere in Egypt) 1525-1850

Napolean and his troops were there for a minute (c. 1800-1805)

British Era 1850-1950

In spite of all the foreign occupations/invasions of Egypt by people who were for the most part lighter skinned than the natives (but unlike the later European readily inter-married with the native Egyptians) , there are still tens of millions of Egyptians who look like this:

Honestly, what does that say about the native Egyptians? Egypt didn’t have a racial apartheid set up, so people have been mixing and inter-marrying for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. In spite of that, we still find plenty of very “black looking” people there. Since the black influx over the past thousand years or so has not been nearly so great as compared to all the fairer skinned and white (and sometimes “genuinely white”) people, that tells us that Egypt must have had a lot of “black looking” people there for a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long time. This doesn’t require a Ph. D. to understand.

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