Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy part 14


I feel the need to state this again, for the discussion about race and identity tends to be a very touchy subject for some people. I am NOT black supremacist… nor am i some sort of Uncle or `Aam Tom. My point here is that we have had a white Eurocentric worldview foisted (and forced) upon us. It has infected many white folks’ hearts with hubris and prevents them from submitting to the truth not only about the influence of people of color on world civilization, racism is also an impediment for many white people from investigating or accepting Islam.

Conversely, in the case of black folks–and for the record, i am also NOT a Cultural Marxist/black apologist–we (and i’ll use the first person in this case), were told that you have no history, you’ve made no contributions to humanity; you were slaves, and in essence that is all you will ever be. This is OBVIOUSLY going to impact black people’s sense of self-esteem–especially being in a society that was blatantly racist.

As a Muslim, i know that NONE of us will be judged on the Day of Rising for the complexion of our skin. We will be judged for our creed and our deeds (and statements). Nonetheless, it is important to combat racism, and its twisted psychology that warps people’s minds and leads them to committing abominations against each other in the name of “racial supremacy.” May Allah grant us sound reasoning and insight and make us among the obedient and the wise.

“Allah does not judge you according to your outward forms, but according to your hearts.”

(Hadith of the Prophet)

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