Brother Ali vs White Supremacy part 17 (Sam’s Response)


Sam’s response to the above (again, my words are between the =’s). This response really shows the arrogance of the guy.

=To be honest, i am not too optimistic Stam will change (Noxious is gone=

Only if I suffer serious brain damage in an accident or something. I’d have to lose most of my intellect and all of my conscience in order to accept Afrocentrism or other forms of black racism.

=That “white thing” is like rabies–once it gets rooted in a person’s system, it is almost impossible to get it out.=

That “white thing,” as you mislabel it, is simply reason and morality, and it’s not exclusive to white people, but it is anathema to Afrocentrists.

=Nonetheless, i hope for the best, and i don’t think the info will harm him (unless he just out right snaps and decides to go ballistsic, which i don;t think will happen). =

It’s no more traumatizing, and no more realistic, than a bad horror movie, something along the lines of “Scary Movie.”

=Like i said, i believe these kind of threads help make me sharper. These posts help me to organize my thoughts for lecturing and be prepared for a face-to-face debate. As Francis Bacon said: “Conference makes a ready man.”=

I just responded to a post from The Afrocentrist on this. I guess he was quoting you. Prepare all you like, but historical reality remains, whether or not I or anyone else wastes countless hours arguing with you about it.

=I have had to review things that i read back in college in the area of “Afrocentria.” I try to find honest critiques or even scathing racist criticism of those things i read years ago. (The reviews on Amazon i find useful.) I try to examine some of the weaknesses and pitfalls in the arguments of the Afrocentrists (and obviously, the Eurocentrists). I try to keep an open mind. I am interested in Truth.=

As I just said to The Afrocentrist, if truth mattered to you, you wouldn’t be writing most of the things you do.

=Lastly, other than the person i am responding to may benefit. Poetic said she finds it useful.=

No doubt she does. She believes the government was responsible for 9/11, killing Kennedy and MLK, spreading drugs in the black community and is seriously considering the possibility that computer chips are being planted in sneakers to track people. She also believes that there were ancient power grids all over Africa. She’s a racist nut, and she finds your posts useful. That should tell you something.

=That’s appreciated.=

It’s not a compliment. Having someone like that finding your posts useful should be cause for major concern.

= I hope that some people can see that one can respond intelligently to white racism without swinging to the other extreme of becoming a black racist. =

You’re failing. You’re not responding to white racism, except the occasional remark from Novoxus (sp?), and you’re certainly engaging in black racism. Granted, there are worse than you – Poetic, RJoseph, What’sisname00707, etc., but you’re still doing it yourself.

=I went thru a phase for a short time like that (the straw that broke the camel’s back and converted me briefly to black racism back in college was seeing a video about Leopold in the Belgian Congo). I didn’t stay stuck on stupid. One has to admit that the ultimate distinguishing factor between people is one of character.=

And how many times have you made false generalizations about the characters of white people? In every post? Damn near.

=There are rotten people of every race and ethnicity. The potential for the wicked or the great is in all of us. It’s simply about the choices we make.=

And on these last few points you’re correct. Now if you’d just practice what you preach.

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