Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy part 18


[This is a response to Sam.]

Sam, i am not an Afrocentrist, and i don’t mind being critical of Africans or Afrocentricity. I am all with you about black folks doing savage things for all sorts of stupid reasons to each other in Africa (and have for a looooooong time). But for whatever stupid, tribalistic, treacherous, greedy, barbaric reasons they do what they do, they don’t do it in the name of WHITE SUPREMACY. When the white folks went over the earth massacring and annihilating all those “lost people” they “discovered”, they did so in the name of white supremacy. If you guys want to take credit for the accomplishments (that i readily admit are due to “you,”), then–to be fair and ethical–you also have to take responsibility for the utter barbarity “y’all” have comitted systematically on others in the name of white supremacy.


I don’t think you’ve dismissed anything i’ve said, Stam. My thesis is simple: people who would be considered “black” in America populated the Nile Valley region (most/all of it–not just the southern stretches) from very ancient times. Those “black” people contributed considerably to what we call the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Many of those people are still “black” despite–just in the past 2,300 years, extensive racial inter-mixing with Greeks (of the Ptolemeaic era), Romans, various Meditteranean people during the Christian-Egypt era, the initial Arab invasion, the European Mameluke era, the Ottoman era (which included the people of their domains–the Turks, “later Greeks,” Cypriots, Slavs, Hungarians, Syrians, people from central Asia (like the converted Mongols), and all those various ethnic groups from Eastern Europe that i can’t name off the top of my head, who all came to Egypt (usually Lower–meaning northern Egypt)). The British era doesn’t count so much, for those guys–as usual set up their little apartheid system and separated themselves from the natives. I gave you plenty of pictures of those “black” people.

The other side of my thesis is that when the white folks were wallowing around in the squalor of the west end of the Asian landmass in what you guys call the Dark Ages, the Moors (again, a multi-ethnic–non-“white” group of folks) came and brought civilization to you. Their sciences were not merely carbon copies of the Greeks/Romans, but were extensively expanded upon. The Egyptians influenced the Greeks, the Greeks influenced the Romans, the Romans/Greeks influenced the Moors/Muslims, the Moors influenced the later day “Europeans.” I provided you with plenty of quotes from contemporary mainstream historians (and even old school orientalists–who definitely were not “PC” and trying to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy all over about themselves) on the Moorish influence on Western civilization. The Moorish influence was not peripheral–it was central to the development of what we today call the “West.”

To be honest, i don’t think you’ve discredited anything. As far as me not speaking favorably about “white people,” i am talking about RACIST white people. Now if you feel offended becuase you choose to idnetify with a bunch of racist, then that’s on you. You want to label me a “racist” and some other folks here–you even give label some a 9 on the “racist scale” (a 9 as opposed to a 10 merely because those black people are not actually killing whites). Well, let’s apply that standard to your white “heroes.” Just a few examples off the top of my head: Andrew Jackson: white racist Indian killer. Jeffery Amherst: white racist Indian killer–first guy to intentionally introduce biological warfare to the Americas. Columbus–goes without saying. Lincoln–racist wanted to end slavery to stop all the racial miscegnation on the plantations; wanted to ship the black people out of the country. Jefferson–racist (considered blacks sub-human). We can go on and on. You guys choose to hold these people up as heroes. You choose to build monuments and name towns after these guys. That’s your choice, and it says a lot about you.

Let me let you in on a secret… believe it or not i am, like many “blacks” in America, from back in the day, part white. I’m not ashamed of it–didn’t have anything to do with it. I choose not to identify with your heroes, however. I don’t care what color you are–personally, i think it is a futile system of going around trying to label people into “racial” groups. But i can know something about a person from the people he admires. If you tell a Jew you like Hitler, or a Native American, that Andy Jackson wasn’t really a bad guy afterall–or that the Trail of Tears was really a good opportunity for the Indians to get some exercise and see the country-side, chances are they are not going to take to you very kindly.

I can readily understand why you wouldn’t like a Khalid Muhammad or a Malachi York (neither of whom do i consider heroes). Why can’t you understand why “black/brown” people don’t like your “heroes?” Your heroes killed and tortured my ancestors (of course another part of my ancestry was doing the torture). Why? Because, Stam, they did not have the same skin complexion as you. And Stam, that was their stated reason. Now tell me, what’s moral or ethical about that?

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