BROTHER ALI vs. WHITE SUPREMACY part 23 (A little backtracking on Egypt)

Henry Breasted had a map, in his book, Ancient Times, in which he speaks about what he calls the “Northwest Quadrant” and the domain of the “Great White Race.” To the south of the “Great White Race” are the “Negroes” and he expresses his sentiments about them. Breasted was the founder of the Oriental Institute (and by “oriental” everything “east of the West” was intended–and not merely the “Far East”). His focus was on Egyptology.


It is clear that the people who were writing history were not only deeeeeeeeeeply racist, they were also friggin’ delusional racists, as the images below shall show, God-willing.

Harry had some mental problems… he lived waaaaaaaaaaay up in Duh-Nile… not down in Egypt, but up in his head.  The southern boundary of the “Great White Race,” according to him is the 20th parallel. The 20th parallel is at the Sudanese-Egyptian border…. The city of Thebes (where Luxor is today) and the Valley of the Kings—two of the most important places in Ancient Egypt–are located four hundred miles north of the Sudanese border. The people there look like this:


…And this (these guys look like some of the Hararis (Ethiopians) i know):


“Harry, whar duh white peoples iz?”

1221Maa-shaa’ Allah, i joked in the thread that there are some people like to alter their brain chemistry by doing drugs, but by doing racism, it might even mess your wig up more seriously. Indeed. You have a bunch of sick delusional arrogant people who feel obsessed with labeling people by “races” and then turn around and feel neurotically compelled to imagine themselves (or their ancestors) to be in places they weren’t (or weren’t in any significant numbers). As a result, folks who look like those in the pic below are considered members of the “Great White Race…” while the “Negroes” (who still live in those places and have been there since before recorded history) “have remained without any influence on ancient civilization.” Ya, Henry was race-head, who just couldn’t put the white pipe (dream) down.

More little ones from Luxor (the area of the Valley of the Kings):


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