I want to respond to the claim of Sam that the Moorish (read: Muslim, for the most part) influence on European society was nominal. Also want to say (again) that I am not claiming that all the Moors were “black.” MANY of the people of North Africa clearly have a “touch of the tar brush,” but there are also ethnic groups, like the Kabyle “Berbers” (some people take umbrage to the term “Berber”–my intent is not to offend) who have phenomenally European features. Nonetheless, all in all, people mixed. The Moorish empires of Spain at various times extended down into regions of Africa where the people are indubitably “black.” …And again, mixed-blooded people, especially those mixed with black African blood, aren’t considered “white” in America.

Again, one of the sleights of hand that the white racist thinkers like to pull is the concept of “Subsaharan Africa” (think: Henry Breasted). Subsaharan Africa is where the “black people” (without civilization) live… according to their claims. North Africa is where the (honorary) white people live. As my position has been throughout, PEOPLE GOT AROUND. In Africa nothing prevented lighter skinned people from having children with darker skinned people. The idea of “Subsaharan Africa” is another one of those racist ploys to deprive (black) Africans of any role world history.

If the Sahara was this impediment to black people reaching North Africa, then how did this man (and his 60,000 person entourage) perform Hajj in the 1300’s? (And one should keep in mind that when Mansa Musa made his Pilgrimage, a considerable part of Spain was still under Muslim control.)

Just a few minutes ago, I went to open the door for one of the West African families that attends our Center. It struck me that they (meaning, their tribe) are connected to the Muslims of Spain (directly or indirectly), and that I am probably connected to them—meaning, that there is a good chance that part of my genetic heritage goes back to the land Mali and the Senegambia (Come to think about it, where the heck do I come from? Might not be a bad idea to do one of those DNA test… never thought about it before. I imagine it will yield some interesting results, maa-shaa’ Allah.)

Okay, over the next few posts, God-willing, I will produce (more) quotes and links about the influence of Islamic civilization on the West. It’s good to know the depth of this influence. It helps to shift one’s view of the world. After that, I will talk some about the “Moors” and the presence of black folk up in Europe before and after the “Middle Ages.”

As one can see, a good number of the Moroccans have “a touch of the tar brush” on them:

Ali Gill's photo.

Ali Gill's photo.

And none of that should be surprising, since one of the major Berber tribes, the Tuareg, look like this:

Ali Gill's photo.

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