The following are quotes taken from a link provided below. It is a collection of statements from predominantly old school Orientalist on the civilization of Islam and the intellectual, cultural, and economic impact that it had upon Europe. I cannot vouch for all the quotes, but i have seen some of these quotes in the books mentioned (and this type of information can be found if one knows where to look).

STANLEY LANE-POOLE’s very well-known, “The Moors in Spain” says:

“For nearly eight centuries, under the Mohamedan rule, Spain set all Europe a shining example of a civilized and enlightened state. Her fertile provinces rendered doubly prolific, by the industrious engineering skill of the conquerors bore fruit a hundredfold, cities innumerable sprang up in the rich valleys in the Guadalquivir and the Guadiana whose names, and names only commemorate the vanished glories of their past.

“…To Cordoba belong all the beauty and ornaments that delight the eye or dazzle the sight. Her long line of Sultans form her crown of glory; her necklace is strung with the pearls which her poets have gathered from the ocean of language; her dress is of the banners of learning, well-knit together by her men of science; and the masters of every art and industry are the hem of her garments.

“Art, literature and science prospered as they then prospered nowhere else in Europe…

“Mathematics, astronomy, botany, history, philosophy and jurisprudence were to be mastered in Spain, and Spain alone. Whatever makes a kingdom great and prosperous, whatever tends to refinement and civilization, was found in Muslim Spain…

“With Granada fell all Spain’s greatness. For a brief while, indeed, the reflection of the Moorish splendour cast a borrowed light upon the history of the land which it had once warmed with its sunny radiance. The great epoch of Isabella, Charles V and Philip II, of Columbus, Cortes and Pizarro, shed a last halo about the dying monuments of a mighty state. When followed the abomination of dissolution, the rule of inquisition and the blackness of darkness in which Spain has been plunged ever since.

“In the land where science was once supreme, the Spanish doctors became noted for nothing but their ignorance and incapacity. The arts of Toledo and Almeria faded into insignificance.

“The land deprived of skillful irrigation of the Moors, grew improvished and neglected, the richest and most fertile valleys languished and were deserted, and most of the populous cities which had filled every district in Andalusia, fell into ruinous decay; and beggars, friars, and bandits took the place of scholars, merchants and knights. So low fell Spain when she had driven away the Moors. Such is the melancholy contrast offered by her history.”

Images from the Alhambra Palace:

AlhambraFrom the interior:


Its famous fountain:


Maa-shaa‘ Allah, it is critical that we preserve our heritage and see to it (God-willing) that we transmit it to the generations that follow.

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One Response to BROTHER ALI vs. WHITE SUPREMACY part 31

  1. facetofloor says:

    The following is from Wiki. I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: I am not claiming that everything on Wiki is factual. Nonetheless, this entry does give one some sense of the TREMENDOUS cultural influence that the Muslims had on European civilization.

    Also, it is important to note that some of the people mentioned as major “Islamic” thinkers or scientists were people who actually held heretical or blasphemous creeds. Nonetheless, it was the culture of Islam (and the wealth that it fostered) that produced the magnanimity of spirit and breadth of mind, which cultivated a civilization that encouraged learning, reflection, and investigation into the creation of the Lord of the Universe.

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