Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy post 20


One of the things that Sam tries do is flip the script with who’s “white,” and start calling them “Caucasians.” This is done so that these guys can conveniently claim the Indian subcontinent as “their own.” Also, he’s going to have a hard time calling the “mulatto” Egyptians “white,” so he needs to call them “dark skinned Caucasians” [with moderate Negroid features]. I am of the mindset of DuBois:

“We may give up entirely, if we wish, the attempt to delimit races. But we cannot if we are sane, divide the world into white, yellows, and blacks, and then call blacks whites.”

However, IF we are going to play this race game, then let’s be consistent, and not turn it into a shell game, where a person is considered “white” (or “Caucasian”) in one place, and his “twin brother” becomes “black” in another place.

Since we are using American standards of race (something that the Sam character never questioned), then let’s use the “Back of the Bus Litmus Test,” that is, would the following people people be on the front or back of the bus in Birmingham, Alabama circa 1950….

It’s 1950, down in Birmingham. After this guy pays the fare, where is he sitting?

sai babaFront or back of the bus?


What about her?  She prolly ain’t attending the white school, either.


White water fountain or the “colored” water fountain?


This one’s a no-brainer, ain’t it?

yanadiNonetheless, these are all people from India (random images from South India), and according to the race classification folks, all these people are suppose to be “Caucasians.”

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2 Responses to Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy post 20

  1. Anwar says:

    Great post!

  2. Abdul Majid says:

    Masha Allah Nice article….I love ‘The back of the bus litmus test’…You very skillfully and artistically illustrated the point. Brother Ali vs. White supremacy…

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