BROTHER ALI vs. WHITE SUPREMACY part 33 (he got his count back)

Images of the Moors in European heraldry. This is from the Hotchstift-Freising (Germany).

Hochstift_Freising_coat_of_arms SwitzAnother German family:

Ali Gill's photo.

A British family:

Ali Gill's photo.

The Hasbrouck coat of arms, it says:

Ali Gill's photo.

The flag of Sardina is the following (the quarter Moors):

Ali Gill's photo.

From a French coat of arms: Jean-Nicolas-Louis ABBE (1764-1834),brigadier general, baron of the empire by letters patent of October 30th, 1810. Regulation of coats of arms :

Quarterly : 1st, Or, a Moor head Sable, wreathed Argent ; 2nd, Gules, mark of the military Barons ; 3rd, Gules to the castle flanched of two towers Argent ; 4th, Or, a salient unicorn Sable ; and for liveries : colors of the shield.

Ali Gill's photo.

Westmoreland coat of arms:

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