Okay, let’s summarize, as we come to the close of this series. One, i think it was important to challenge the notion of “race” as it has been promulgated here in the US (and i have tried to stick with US standards–while realizing that they certainly are NOT universal). In doing so, it is a way to break out of the American Race-Matrix. If we can begin to think beyond the American notions of race, we can embrace a greater conception of ourselves… and our human potential (bi’idhnillah). For black folk, this can also help with matters of self-esteem (they can see themselves reflected in the history of the world–and Europe for that matter). For white folks, it might help them rethink ideas of “racial purity,” and make them realize that the history of world does not revolve around the “West.”

On a related point, i hope that we made it clear that Islamic civilization had a PROFOUND influence on the rise of Europe. Some of those who influenced that civilization were indubitably “black.” And also, since, we are talking about societies that did not have strict racial separatist barriers (and that’s not to say that there wasn’t tribalism or “racism”), this means that there was plenty of people with “intermixed” bloodlines in Europe–especially, the lower tier of the European subcontinent.

Also, as we can see with the Moor heads–some of them decapitated Moor heads–the European anti-Muslim bigotry isn’t merely one of difference in doctrine. A considerable part of the anti-Muslim bigotry is driven by racism. That is, Muslims are seen by (many) Europeans not only as the “religious Other,” they are seen as the “racial Other”–even when those Muslims are white. (For instance, one fair blue-eyed convert Sister heard one person say while passing her (to the effect): “I wish those people would go back to their country.”) Racism is a major impediment to many white Americans embracing Islam. However, if we (Muslims) can give them a different concept of race and civilizational influence (and let them know that they may not be as “pure” as they think themselves to be), then this might help some whites rethink who they are and make them more open to listening to the universal message of Islam.

With all of that said, in-shaa’ Allah, we will talk a little about post-Moorish Spain….

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One Response to BROTHER ALI vs. WHITE SUPREMACY part 36

  1. Hamdia says:

    Ma sha’Allah lots of information. May Allah reward you with good.

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