BROTHER ALI vs. WHITE SUPREMACY (part so many he lost count)

BROTHER ALI vs. WHITE SUPREMACY (part so many he lost count)

Regarding the MOORS

The term in European parlance has several different meanings. One of the problems with this term is that the Eurocentrists feel the need to adamantly deny any black presence in Europe (prior to the era of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade). When presented with pictures (from the Middle Ages by their own painters), they assume that those blacks had to have been slaves (for they can’t conceive black people being otherwise)… or perhaps the the artists ran out of white (or tan paint) and was forced to paint the people black (or that painting certain figures “black” was merely “symbolic”). Again, when a person’s brain is infected by racism, they have to come up with all sorts of far-fetched reasons to deny the evident. So much for Occam’s Razor and intellectual honesty.

On the other hand, you have the Black Nationalists, and they have their own race (and often racist) driven agenda. They wish to assert that ALL the Moors were black (as in dark black Bantu-looking folk). I am not saying that. I am saying that the people of Muslim Spain were a mixture of Arabs (as in Arabs whose decent goes back to the Arabian Peninsula), “Berbers,” “black” Africans, and of course, the native Europeans of Iberia (Portugal and Spain)—also, there were lots of peoples from elsewhere who went to Spain for its culture, trade, and scholarship in the various worldly and Islamic sciences.

At times, “black” Africans played a very substantial role in Moorish Spain. And has been my point throughout, there was no racial apartheid system; hence, people of various colors mixed (much like the people did in places, like Cuba, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico–even if under different circumstances.) Also, let me add, i am NOT claiming that those people back then had the same Eurocentric notions of race that contaminate most of our minds here in the US today. Nonetheless, mixed race folks, especially those with “black” blood in them, are not considered “white” in America. My intent here is to show that the Eurocentricity is racist and can’t consistently apply its “race” labels.

Regarding the term “Moor” it was DEFINITELY used in European history to refer to “black” Africans. There was a person called St. Maurice. i.e., “Moor” (said to be born circa 250 CE) who was born in Thebes, Egypt. He was a Christian soldier in the (still pagan) Roman army, as they have it, and was eventually “martyred” in Germany for his refusal to harass fellow Christians (as per the order of the Roman emperor of the time). He is clearly portrayed as a (real) black Africa in Christian paintings and statuary (perhaps, to the chagrin of Harry Breasted).

I’m not an academic, and i don’t want to venture into the realm of too much speculation (although, it’s good to encourage some investigation into these areas for those who may be so inclined), but there seems to be a connection between moor–>heath–>”heathen”–given that moor and heath (boggy, uncultivated land) have pretty much the same meaning (and in this case, from an English point of view, “heathen” meant non-Christian (including, Muslim—although it is clear that Muslims worship the Creator of the Universe and not nature or pagan “deities”)). In the British Isles, the last people to be Christianized typically were those who lived out on the moors (or heaths). It is reported, by the likes of David Macritchie that there were ancient (pre-Christian era) populations of black people living on moors (or heaths) of the UK. It COULD be the case that some British families have the name “Moor” (and its various derivatives: Morris, Morrison, Moore, etc.) because of some relation to those people.

The other reason for the term “Moor” (in European family names) is the relation these people had either because of military engagements with the Muslim Moors in Europe (and elsewhere) or perhaps even some racial admixture with those eventually vanquished people. Of at least the former there can be no doubt. And there is no doubt in the minds of the Europeans, many of the Moors were black Africans. This is perhaps no better demonstrated than on some European flags and heraldry, as we shall, God-willing, soon see.

A statue of the one called "St. Maurice" (Maurice = Moor) in Germany (c. 1200's).

A statue of the one called “St. Maurice” (Maurice = Moor) in Germany (c. 1200’s).

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