Use–Don’t Abuse–Your Mind


“Muslims use their minds to recognize what does (and does not) befit the Creator—while understanding that the Creator can’t be imagined.  On the other hand, some people claim that one cannot use their mind to know what does (and does not) befit the Creator—all the while they (ab)use their minds by believing that the Creator can be imagined (and consequently, make statues and images of the one they believe to be ‘God’).”


Muslims understand the that mind (the intellect) must be taken into consideration in realizing the Truth about the Creator.  Through the faculty of the intellect, one can know, for instance, that there must be a Creator (for the universe can be neither “self-created” nor beginningless), and that the Creator would be Eternal, Everlasting, Omniscient, beyond need and beyond comparison, and that the Creator has power over all the creations.

Conversely, one can know that it does not befit the Creator.  It is inappropriate for one to believe, that the Creator is originated, or ignorant, weak, dependent, or similar to any of the creations.  The originated, after all, cannot become like the One Who is Beginningless. We know that the Creator existed before the creations.  Before there was space, there was a Creator–hence, the Creator is not a spatial entity.  The Creator is not a material or spiritual being.  The Creator is not a dimensional entity, but rather, the Creator is the Originator of all dimensions and all entities.  The Creator of space (and everything else) exists without a place, whether that “place” be on earth, beyond the earth, or in our minds.  The Creator ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations.  Whatever we imagine, the Creator is totally different from that.

As for some other people, they believe that the Creator is an object, or an image, or a spirit, or some other sort of spatial entity.  Such a belief is inherently irrational, for the Originator of the Universe existed before the universe without any need for the universe or any of its aspects.  For such people there is no clear distinction between what befits the Creator and what befits the creations.  Hence, they ascribe to the Creator originated attributes (such as, size, motion, direction, and location), and as a result engage in creation-worship instead of Creator-worship.  Because creation-worship is spiritually reprehensible and intellectually indefensible, these people disregard the use of reason… all the while they worship something they imagine.

The True belief in the Creator is between negation (i.e., denying the Creator’s Existence) and comparison (i.e., believing that the Creator is somehow similar to the originated).  The Creator exists and is not similar to anything else.  The Creator is Unique–with no equal and  is beyond all comparison.  This is the Muslim belief in the Lord of Creation, and we invite everyone to embrace it.

For one to become Muslim, they simply say with the desire to embrace Islam:

“I bear witness nothing is worthy of worship except Allah [The Creator], and MuHammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

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