(I don’t intend for this to be as long as the series about white supremacy, in-shaa’ Allah.)

My initial plan for the first part of the month was to do more informative posts and save the more critical ones for later on.  However, that does not seem how things were meant to be.

There is one FB associate’s page that frequently turns up in my feed.  The person is a self-identified Muslim whose posts often contain a lot of over the top black power bravado.  I got into a back and forth last night with him and some others over the scheduled boxing match between George Zimmerman (GZ) and DMX.  My general take on the GZ-Trayvon Martin (TM) incident is that GZ was/is a jerk; he antagonized TM; TM reacted in a manner not uncommon to his class; and he attacked a man who was armed.  And now TM is dealing with what he took of his creed and deeds to the grave. Admittedly, none of us were there, and how the incident got started is ultimately speculation (although, there is no doubt about what the results are).

With that said, i remember when the incident first happened.  I could see that the media was trying to blow things out of proportion.  I didn’t, however, give it much thought—after all, black thugs kill and get killed all the time.  About two months later, i was at the laundromat, the TV was on (i don’t do the cyclops, except when at hotels and when i go to the laundromat);  one of those morning talk shows was on.  And they were talking about GZ and how there was an inquiry into the shooting, and i think at that point he was being detained, and they were talking about what the guy had for breakfast….

Perhaps because i see TV so infrequently (and, man, does it look fake and artificial–especially, the commercials) that i think i am able to see it pretty objectively.  Anyway, as soon as i saw all this coverage on GZ, it was VERY EVIDENT to me that this was just a corporate psy-op (psychological warfare operation) being run against the American public to (further) split the society along racial lines.

The whole presentation was so out of balance–TM is presented as some 12 year old “child” (with a photo from years earlier) and not some six foot plus thug or wannabe thug (who would later be shown flashing a pistol, smoking weed, and sportin’ a “grill”).  GZ was presented as a “white man…” uh… then later a “white Hispanic…” when, in reality, GZ himself is a black man.  The media obviously wanted to turn this into a black vs. white incident… but they couldn’t, so they had to contrive and slant the news to fit a certain narrative.

To show the distortion, not long after the TM incident just a few miles away from where TM was killed, a 50 year old white man was beaten nearly to death with a hammer by two black teens… one of those teens is from a black supremacist hate group family.

Could we imagine what the reaction would have been if two young white males–one of whom his father is the member of the Ku Klux Klan–were to have attacked an “elderly” black man and put him in a coma?  The Cultural Marxist media would have had a FIELD DAY with such an event, and the race pimps would have been rolled into town talking about that there is a “genocide” being committed by white America against black folks.  Chances are many of us never heard about this event with the white man nearly getting killed by young black males… because it does not fit the liberal/Cutural-Marxist narrative.

What’s the Cultural Marxist narrative?  It says that various “oppressed” and minority groups (women are considered to be “minorities” although females are the majority in the society—welcome to the Orwellian Newspeak universe of so-called “Political Correctness”) must NEVER be held accountable for their actions.  The problems of society must be blamed on the white-male-Christian-heterosexual power structure.  (Just for the record, i am not a defender of Christianity, but the Cultural Marxists don’t attack Christianity because of its contradictory doctrines, but because the Cultural Marxists hate religion and morality in general (unless it be some sort of pagan-Wiccan kind of religion.))

Most African-Americans adopt Cultural Marxism (knowingly or unknowingly… most unknowingly) because it makes them feel good about themselves… and it removes from them any sense of personal responsibility.  The African-American community, especially the inner city “community,” is jacked-up not because people made bad choices but because of white racism… so goes the narrative.  And any criticism of black pathology is dismissed as “racism” if it comes from someone non-black and “self-hatred” if it comes from someone who is black.

Now let us put an Islamic perspective on things.  First of all, if we are sane and pubescent (and have heard the basic call to Islam: “Nothing is worthy of worship except Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”), then we are ACCOUNTABLE.  Whatever voluntary deeds we do we EARN those deeds and will be RESPONSIBLE for those deeds on the Judgment Day.  Secondly, we know that self-rectification begins with REPENTANCE.  It is the recognition that YOU (and I) did wrong–we have disobeyed God and been unjust to ourselves.  We must make the firm intention NEVER to disobey God again, sincerely regret what we have done, and if we have done an injustice to another, then we need to make amends with that person.  NOWHERE does repentance suggest that you blame others for your choosing to disobey the Creator of the Universe.

This is not to say that those who invite others to sin are not more sinful.  Obviously, those who encourage vice and depravity are more blameworthy, for the Prophet informed us: “Whoever invites to sin takes the burden of that sin and all those who follow him in it–without diminishing the sins of those who follow.”  Ultimately, however, we are responsible for ourselves.  And it should be common sense that to blame others for your pathologies means that the person does not believe he has any control over his actions… and hence, is not capable of reforming himself.

Years ago, when i was involved in da`wah in Philadelphia, one of the Brothers said to me: “You can’t expect them [folks who run the “System”] to be just to others when they are unjust to themselves”—that is, they are unjust to themselves for their disregard for the Sacred Law and their objection to the proper belief in the Creator.  That was a minor epiphany for me.  I was still decompressing from the red-black-and-green black nationalist thing, but what he said made perfect sense.  To keep complaining about a System that was DESIGNED to be unjust makes little sense.  It is what it is.  Furthermore, those who designed the System believe it to be in their benefit (at least in a worldly, material manner).  They have little incentive to change.

On the other hand, black folks—who are always complaining about the System and their quality of life—have all the incentive to change their behavior.  It’s not racism that holds black folk back—it’s their BEHAVIOR.  When one looks at the problems of the black underclass (BUC), MANY of the problems can be fixed… instantly and for free.

If you are tired of catching drug possession charges and getting arrested for doing something stupid while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs… then don’t drugs or alcohol–it’s doesn’t cost anything to leave out drugs and alcohol.  Tired of negative black images on TV… then don’t watch TV–it’s free not to watch TV.  If you are tired of negative lyrics in black music… then don’t listen to music–it’s free not to listen to music.  Tired of black male-female drama… then don’t fornicate–it’s free not to fornicate.  Tired of black children growing up in poverty… don’t have out of wedlock kids (which goes back to not fornicating)… it’s free not to have out of wedlock offspring.  We not only know (from experience) that many black folk have NO INTEREST in abandoning their wretched behavior, they would actually get angry at you for suggesting that they stop behaving in a manner that keeps them at the bottom of the social order.

Of course, what my criticism might sound a bit shocking because it runs contrary to the narrative (of Cultural Marxism).  What i am positing assumes that people are responsible for their own choices.  One of the real nasty and blasphemous aspects of Cultural Marxism is that it preaches a doctrine of moral relativism.  It teaches black folk that the lowlife values of prison culture are equal to the values of high functioning educated people… and to suggest otherwise is “racist.”  Muslims, on the other hand, are very clear that not all behaviors are equal and not all cultures are equal.

Muslims are “cultural superiorists.”  The culture of the Islamic scholars and righteous men and women who have had their hearts filled with the love for the Creator and yearning to follow the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam), those who have striven to overcome their base material and egotistical desires, is far superior to “hip hop ‘culture,'” or the street corner culture in the hood or the cell block.  There’s no comparison and Muslims should feel no shame in saying so—or having disdain for what the latter groups represent.

Many African-American Muslims are still, sadly, clinging on to a victim identity that is a vestige of plantation slavery and Jim Crow—and reinforced by the Cultural Marxists.  I think that many of us forget that the fundamental distinction between people is not one of race but of belief (or lack thereof).  Yes, as African-Americans Muslims, we do face racism, as the black thugs face racism.  But other than opposition to racism (or at least anti-black racism, for thugs don’t have a problem being racist toward other people) what do observant Muslims share in common with the values of today’s black culture—especially, “hood culture?”  Not only that, how many African-American Muslim youth—and even non-African-American Muslim youth—have fallen a victim to black ghetto hood culture thinking that this is what it means to “be black” or that (because the media says so) it is “hip” or “cool?”

It’s a disservice for African-American Muslims to remain silent about this pathological culture while it devours our youth and the society.  It (meaning, collective black silence) plays into the hands of those who wish to keep fanning the flames of racism and social division.  As Muslims, we should provide people with an alternative and higher sense of self beyond race, while addressing the various social and moral ills that sicken the society.

Instead of seeing ourselves as Muslim benefactors with a vision to guide the society and the Ummah, many of us are focused on “racism,” and as the saying goes, “You get what you focus on.”   Racism is an obstacle to be surmounted–not fixated upon.  Racism is surmounted by BEING CLEARLY SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE ELSE (through learning the Deen and sincere, humble obedience to the Creator).  You don’t defeat racism by begging others not to be racists—especially, when you blame others for your self-destructive behavior.  You concentrate on producing a culture of superior people–superiority based not on color but upon quality of character–that can serve as a role model for the society and the Ummah.  This should be our Islamic legacy for race relations in America.

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