Quotation #77 Of Maximum Achievement


“When you die, die on ‘E.'”

(Eric Thomas)

Commentary: Of course none of us knows how, when, or where we will die.  This is a matter that God has kept hidden from us.  With that said, we should always strive to do our best–to make excellence a habit.  We should strive to do our utmost in what is right and good, and die having done the very best we could with the vast potential that the Creator has given us.  The greatest of human achievements is to attain the station of Wilaayah (i.e., the status of ultra-righteousness and piety in Islam), which is realized by living with pure love (and fear) of the Creator, and this is expressed by sincere submission and obedience to the Sacred Law that the Creator has made mandatory upon us to follow.   The one who sincerely obeys Allah by fulfilling all the obligations and refraining from all the sins (both outwardly and inwardly) will have attained a phenomenal state and will encounter nothing less than human excellence in this life and felicity and bliss in the Hereafter.


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One Response to Quotation #77 Of Maximum Achievement

  1. Mohamed Fawzy says:

    Barakallaahu feek wa a7sanallaahu ilayk

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