Wahhabis and the Quasi-Traditionalists (Part 1)


Among the major fitan (tribulations) that the Muslims are facing in the West are the quasi-traditionalists.  These are people who CLAIM to be of Ahlus-Sunnah (Sunni Islam), but they have an agenda to distort Islam.  These people are not (usually) Wahhabis.  These people CLAIM to follow traditional scholarship: one of the four orthodox schools of Sunni jurisprudence, one of the two schools of Sunni theology (that is, in elaborating on the detailed matters of the Islamic Creed); they deem Sufism to be something that is part of mainstream Islam.  This is what they claim.

At the same time, they INTENTIONALLY confuse Muslims about the matters of apostasy and takfeer (i.e., deeming someone to be a disbeliever).  They write long articles in which they can’t define who is a non-Muslim, or who Muslims believe will attain salvation in the Hereafter.  They INTENTIONALLY use ambiguous statements regarding matters of the Creed KNOWING that the many of the people listening are likely to misconstrue such statements in a manner that would put their Imaan in jeopardy.  At the same time, if one attempts to “call these people out,” they will claim from their statements that they meant an appropriate meaning.  Again, this is just to justify their unctuous agenda.

Regarding the Wahhabis, these quasi-traditionalists will say things, like: “This [the extreme(r) acts of some of the Wahhabis] violates the rules of Islam.”  “These people are radicals who poorly represent Islam.”  They will say about the Saudi-Wahhabi regime that it promotes a “version of Islam” that they don’t agree with.  What these quasi-traditionalists DON’T DO is explain that Wahhabism isn’t merely extreme in its practices, but that the very core belief that the Wahhabis (so-called Salafis) have about the Creator is Islamically blasphemous.  The Wahhabis do not–in reality–worship Allah.

Instead of using their access to the media and the media’s coverage of (so-called) “Salafism” and “Sunni extremists” (and the various articles that the quasi-traditionalists write) as PRIME TEACHING MOMENTS to explain to Muslims and the public in general the difference between the Islamic belief in the Creator and the hideous slanderous corporeal blasphemies that the Wahhabis ascribe to the Creator, these quasi-traditionalists, IF they speak about Wahhabism, will only speak about some of its more extreme elements.

These people (the quasi-traditionalists) are not stupid (as for the Wahhabis, well, that’s another story).  They know that many Western people are turning to atheism in part b/c they’ve never heard of a sensible, rationally consistent belief in God.  As for Muslims, many unlearned Muslims may not like the Wahhabis for their rigidity and abrasive behavior, but they don’t quite know exactly what is the main issue with the Wahhabis.

The main reason why the Sunnis oppose the Wahhabis is because the Wahhabis are a sect of object worshipers who MERELY POSE as Muslims.  The Wahhabis are Mujassimah and Mushabbihah (i.e., those who believe the Creator is a spatial entity and otherwise similar to the creations).  Whereas, the Muslims (Sunni or otherwise) believe that the Creator is ABSOLUTELY Incomparable and Transcendent (i.e., Free-of-Need)—hence, the Creator does not occupy space or have bodily characteristics—the Wahhabis pray to a deformed, bipedal, shadow-casting, unidentified extraterrestrial smiling face object with a shin and pair of right hands.  The Wahhabis worship a figment of their imaginations, while the Muslims worship the CREATOR of the universe Who can’t be fathomed by the imaginations.

By comparing the Muslim belief in the Creator to the Wahhabi (dis)belief, it is a prime opportunity to inform to the non-Muslim public about the intellectually invincible Islamic belief in God.  As was said, many Westerners, in their rejection of the absurdities of Christian dogma, have now blindly embraced absurd atheist dogma.  Many don’t know that one can have a rationally consistent belief in God.  Regarding the Wahhabis, a brief logical refutation of their doctrine would be enough to get (at least some) non-Muslims interested in what Muslims say about the Creator.

The universe is not beginningless and it can’t be “self-created.”  The universe and all its contents must have a Creator.  Allah existed before the creations.  Before there were places–or any dimensions–there was a God.  Hence, Allah exists without being in a place. Contrary to the claims that the atheists make against those who claim that there is a Creator, “God” is not an “imaginary sky-buddy.”  Muslims (unlike Wahhabis and many other corporealists) do not believe that God exists in the sky.  Muslims understand that the sky and space, in general, could not create itself.  They must have a Creator, and the Creator, Who existed before the sky, or before Heaven, or before any other space or direction, exists without being in space or direction.

For many Western non-Muslims, they have never heard: “God exists without a place,” or “The Creator ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations,” or “Whatever you imagine in your mind, Allah is different from that.”  These statements when briefly explained are intellectually liberating.  They free the mind from the shackles of Creator-denial and creation-worship.

Oddly enough (or perhaps not oddly enough, given the agenda of the quasi-apologists) they put little emphasis on teaching the public about the Sunni Creed (beyond, perhaps the bare basics).  All the while these quasi-traditionalists will go on and on about “feel good” stories, while advising their followers NOT to learn about why Wahhabis, for instance, must be regarded as non-Muslims according to Islam.  Not only that—on the one hand, these quasi-traditionalists will publicly condemn savage acts of Wahhabi terrorism… while at the same time sharing the same stage with the very promoters of Wahhabi theology.  Please be warned of these Hypocrites and warn others of them.  These quasi-traditionalist do not care about the well-being of others.  They only care to gain more influence (and money) by their manipulation and sophistry.

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