Wahhabis and the Quasi-Traditionalists (Part 2)

Wahhabis and the Quasi-Traditionalists (Part 2)

Kinda hard to understand (well, not really–there’s a lot of money involved and some people are driven by the desire for recognition).  You have a self-proclaimed “Ash`ari” (at least part of the time, apparently) speaking at a fundraiser for America’s premier Wahhabi–with his own roadshow Wahhabi program that indoctrinates thousands of young people annually with Wahhabi ideology and creed (the character even did his Ph. D. on Ibn Taymiyyah).  Honestly how does this even work?  The Ash`aris (the genuine Ash`aris) state unequivocally that the Wahhabis are disbelievers.  The Wahhabis, with their doctrine of believing that the Creator exists in a location, has organs and limbs, and is otherwise a spatial entity, are NOT MUSLIMS.  Abu Hasan Al-Ash`ari, himself said:

“Whoever believes that Allah is a jism [object–spatial entity] is ignorant of his Lord AND IS A DISBELIEVER.”  (An-Nawaadir)

This REALLY shows that these quasi-traditionalists are on some sort of Satanic agenda.  They are virtually SILENT about the topic of kufr/riddah, while KNOWING the level of ignorance and confusion MANY Muslims (and those who identify as such) about the matters of `Aqidah.  Furthermore, it is the theology of Wahhabism that drives the IDEOLOGY of these radical extremists, like Ash-Shabab, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, ad nauseum.  On the one hand these quasi-traditionalists will (claim to) condemn these murderous factions… but then they don’t explain the theology of these extremists and how that theology is based on a blasphemous belief in the Creator.

I don’t see how one can possibly think that these quasi-traditionalists are “sincere.”  It isn’t difficult to explain the proper Islamic belief in the Creator:

Allah is One; Allah exists without a beginning and everything else exists with a beginning; Allah is the Creator and everything else is a creation.  Allah knows everything and has power over all the creations.  Allah is ABSOLUTELY Incomparable and Free-of-Need; Allah is not an object or image.  Allah is not a material or spiritual entity.  Allah existed before space and direction, and Allah exists without being in space or a direction.  Whatever you imagine Allah is different from that—and whoever believes or says contrary to what was mentioned above is NOT A MUSLIM.  He may the worshiper of something or other, but he is not a Creator-worshiper, and  hence, not a Muslim.

Wahhabis (so-called “Salafis) on the other hand, pray to a giant unidentified extraterrestrial bipedal smiling faced object with one shin and fingers.  These people are NOT MUSLIMS—they are object (or image) worshipers.  They are PAGANS.  The Wahhabis misconstrue certain Verses and Hadiths—they take that which should not be taken literally as something literal.  As a result of this faulty method of literalism, they think the Creator is an object, and they think that murder is a meritorious act of worship.

As one can see, it is not difficult to explain the difference between the Islamic belief in the Creator and the Wahhabi belief in the Creator.  The Muslim belief in God is rationally consistent and sound, and the Wahhabi belief is based upon absurdities and contradictions… and it is those doctrines that lead to the Wahhabis going about committing the atrocities that they do in the “name of Islam.”  May Allah protect us from these despicable quasi-traditionalist swindlers and from the these Wahhabi, pseudo-salafi-pagans.

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