Getting an HD Camera (Seeking Advice)

I am seeking advice on getting a decent HD video camera.  Maa-shaa’ Allah, over the past few years, a lot of information has been shared on Facebook and the blogs, and now, i feel the need to try to share the information therein, and the various discussions that Tribe Tchulahoma has on a variety of issues, with a larger audience (bi’idhnillah).  I think Youtube and other video sites could be effective.

If anyone has any suggestions about the subjects one would like to have covered, please let me know.  Also, keep in mind, even if the material is elementary to yourself, think of those who have not been exposed to `Aqidah-Centered traditional Islamic knowledge.  You could share it with those people and in the social media matrix, in general.  I also intend, God-willing, to do the usual Face-to-Floor topics on race, class and culture, (so-called) Political Correctness and secularism, and other relevant contemporary issues, as well as, interviews with local Muslims, and some travel log material.  Also, if one has any advice on how to do good quality videos, i’d appreciate it.  I would like to do a good amount of the shooting out-of-doors, in-shaa’ Allah, so please keep that in mind.

P.S.  If anyone wishes to donate such a camera or donate for such a camera, i would not object, in-shaa’ Allah.

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2 Responses to Getting an HD Camera (Seeking Advice)

  1. Shalala says:

    I would excited to watch your videos on youtube to seek knowledge .. Also the cannon rebel is a popular camera all the youtubers use and can catch on sell seasonally.

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