I found this guy last week. He’s a futurist, and this does seem where things are going (a lot of it is pretty creepy, like the Franken-science). As for black culture, it is in NO WAY prepared for these quantum shifts in the economy and the society. (Even this guy is saying it is going to cause TREMENDOUS disruptions for people in general–so what about those at the bottom of the social order?)

Any objective consideration can realize that what this guy is talking about bodes VERY POORLY for the black underclass. Black folk were brought here to do PHYSICAL LABOR. They (for the most part) have continued following that model through the generations. However, in the 70’s and beyond, with the closing of large parts of American manufacturing sector (think: Detroit), those jobs have been outsourced. Millions of black men subsequently have lost high paying union jobs. As for other manual labor jobs, in the last few decades, there has been a large influx of Latino (and other) immigrants. As a rule, the Latinos work for less than Americans–even black Americans–and their numbers have been steadily growing in relation to the general population (they have now surpassed African-Americans as the largest minority group… and there are millions and millions more clamoring to get across the border).

You can add to this the fact that the black underclass culture REVELS in crime, pathology, dysfunction, and let’s call it what it is: immorality. The culture has little regard for knowledge, learning, education, or self-discipline—however, the entire economy is becoming a “brain based” economy (as opposed to the old “brawn based” economy). The black “family” is in shambles and the culture is in no way prepared for these quantum shifts in the economy… it doesn’t even KNOW about these shifts about to take place (in all likelihood) on the horizon… and even if it knew, it is highly unlikely that it would care because it is devoid of long term thinking and too engrossed in immediate self-gratification.

You have millions of black males, often with little education and little in the way of social skills, who are by and large unemployable (certainly in most higher paying jobs). Their manual labor services are not needed in a high tech economy. From an economic perspective, they offer little value to the society.  Simply consider what value can a pair like this add to a high tech economy:

…except in one key growing sector. That key economic sector is, of course, the prison industrial complex. Genocide–at least open genocide–isn’t considered to be chic anymore (unless you happen to be Palestinian, maybe). But putting criminals in jail (and producing and maintaining incubators for cultures of criminality) is politically chic… and profitable.

As for African-American Muslims, it should be clear that we need to raise children who are distant from this heathen underclass culture. There is a need to develop a NEW IDENTITY and culture that will prepare the next generation of Muslims for the challenges they are going to face. Clinging on to this corporate engineered sense of racial identity and solidarity is not going to serve us–it can only drag us down and destroy as it has destroyed others.

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