I don’t usually go too hard on this topic (that is, with black women). Nonetheless, what this woman says (and it is coming from a woman) drives home the point of what i have been saying about the state of black culture. It is done for. The state of the “culture” now is not more than a very large social engineering experiment with some very strong psychological warfare undertones.

As i have said, in black culture (today), the underclass determines the norms. The underclass is engrossed in social pathology and dysfunction… and although they might complain, they, by and large, like it that way (if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t act the way they do). Through a relatively sophisticated use of the media, black underclass pathology has been made to seem “hip,” “cool,” and “trendy.” And now, as the video points out, the black family has largely been gutted—and the proliferation of lesbianism in black America can only accelerate the process of disintegration.

Regarding the media, as we can see with the situation in Palestine, the controllers of Cyclops are not a stupid people. To the contrary, they are MASTERS of psychological manipulation. And the very same psychological manipulation that is being used against the Palestinians has been used against black folks for decades (it’s enough to look at the names of the folks behind the scenes in the rap recording industry, or the Sambo sitcoms, or the exploitation flicks).

It’s not only that things are bad… very bad, it’s how things are trending–and they are definitely trending down in black America and not up. Furthermore, the colored leadership is so stuck in the Cultural Marxist matrix of playing victim, that it NEVER talks about the importance of delayed gratification, self-restraint, and discipline. Its bread and butter is finding incidents of racism… but it somehow has a difficult time figuring out who are the people who are behind the media–and their connection to finance, academia, and other mind controlling institutions.

Another point about self discipline: a person who lacks self-control will always be exploited by the one has self-control. The person without self-control will always be manipulated by his impulses and emotions. It’s not rocket science. The people “inside your TV or your radio” are not your friends. The TV’s (and radio’s) purpose is to indoctrinate the masses to buy certain products, adopt certain lifestyles, and fall in line with the agenda of the folks who own the society. It’s absurd to cry that the TV doesn’t treat you right, when it requires NO EFFORT to turn it off. Also, if you have to turn to the TV to get a sense of who you are and a sense of self-esteem, then it is clearly time to consider getting a new personality.

Another point: i am not a big fan of Sotomayor. He makes some GREAT points, but he has an axe to grind with black women. Not my position. If anyone deserves (and someone does) the greater burden of the blame for the disintegration of black America, it has to be black males. The root of the problem (aside from blasphemy) is the black male’s fascination with serial fornication. Ya, the women fornicate too–no doubt–but it should have been the black male’s duty not to ruthlessly exploit the fairer sex, and he should have established MORAL order in his communities, in his families, and in himself. It didn’t happen, and we see the consequences: “Fornication Destroys a Nation.”

CAVEAT: I did not SEE the entire video (i LISTENED to it, but i was busy reading the comments and did not see all the images in the vid).

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