The Destruction of Black Civilization: Addendum

Yesterday, after posting the link:  i got a couple of responses from some people on a black history page.  One was a black female, who objected to the criticisms made in the video and my comments about the black female’s role in the unraveling of the black community (although i said EXPLICITLY that black males bear the brunt of the blame for the disintegration of black culture).  Another person (a guy) asked me why i was posting stereotypical images of black people.

I explained my positions–didn’t even go that hard, but the responses were largely based on emotionalism (although the black female was somewhat clever and tried to get over with a couple of rhetorical tricks… that i didn’t allow to slide).  I also didn’t want to go hard because i know how such folks are prone to act off of impulse, and i would find myself kicked out of the group.  Well… i got kicked out of the group anyway.

I wasn’t disturbed about getting kicked out.  But what disturbed me was the little regard that these people have for rational discourse, facts, and self-criticism.  It then occurred to me that what was disturbing me is that these people have little regard for truth.  It simply does not interests them—yet, they want to complain about how they aren’t “treated right.”  Nonetheless (all-ways the Moor), it should seem obvious that if you wish to improve your collective condition, you have to first be committed to personal rectification.  This simply isn’t on their agenda.

A Brother then later said to me, “If a person doesn’t care to know the Truth about God, then it would not be surprising to find that they aren’t interested to know the truth about less important matters.”  Ya, that says it all.  That’s another one of those, “turn of the lights and close the door moments”—like, when the young Brother said to me when i was in Beirut about the pathological culture of hood: “Some people like it that way.”

I mean, you have one group of people thinking about domination of the media, the legal and financial systems, education and academia, and outright global control.  You have another group who is concerned about “baby mammas,” blunts, rap videos and “Basketball Wives” (brought to you by the same folks who dominate the media).  These people clearly are not “equal.”

Of the latter, when they are invited to self-assessment and laying out a plan to improve one’s condition, they don’t want to hear it.  Now some may say that Brother Ali is just a little condescending when he speaks to “his people,” but the fact of the matter is that 20-30 years ago (longer than that) Farrakhan was dropping knowledge about the deplorable condition of black America—and where it was going.  Farrakhan was allegedly loved by black males—yet, the VAST MAJORITY had NO INTERESTS in taking to heart his call for moral rectification (of course, Farrakhan’s doctrine of human-worship is total deviance, but IN GENERAL, his critique of black America and what it needed to do to improve its social condition were largely on point).*****

Lastly, we need to do da`wah to anyone and everyone who is interested in knowing the Truth about their Creator.  This is irrespective to one’s skin color (class, ethnicity, gender, etc.).  We need to tailor the da`wah to the needs of the different groups of people we encounter (without, of course, changing the message).  At the same time, there is a need to provide necessary social criticism–which includes that of black culture.  As Muslims, our understanding of the society needs to be much more sophisticated than what is beamed from the Cultural Marxist Matrix media.  People who are interested in such critiques are often interested in seeking the Truth.  And these are people that may be interested in learning about the Oneness and Perfection of the Lord of the Universe.







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