Into the Wild

Into the Wild

I completed the movie the other day (i started it in Ramadan), liked  what i saw (for the most part,  but wasn’t in the movie watching mood). There are some hideous statements in the movie (which movie doesn’t have such?), but all in all, i enjoyed it, and got me to thinking. I then looked on-line to see what other people’s impressions were. They weren’t, in general, at all sympathetic to the main character–rather, they condemned him. Nonetheless, there was one person who wrote the following, which pretty much sums up the vanity in allowing oneself to be devoured by the corporate consumer matrix.

He said:

“Exactly, they [his parents] cared about the new car, the silly pieces of paper that say you’re better than everyone else (when in reality a lot of the time you’re regurgitating the beliefs of others). Chris McCandless [the main character] didn’t. He saw from a young age that there was so much more to life. Maybe they could have learned a thing or two from him by simply listening.

“I started waking up from the trance imposed on us by society around 4 years ago. The most painful yet rewarding experience of my life and I can totally relate, because even now I’m isolated. I’m surrounded by people who are blind, who think that having fancy educations and the latest doo-dahs and big houses and flashy cars and funky gadgets is the key to happiness. We neglect each other in this relentless pursuit of something external to temporarily satiate us, when ultimately happiness is a state of mind!

“Is being away from your loved ones for most of your day really how we should live? Should we be continually competing against each other, fighting for everything? Or should we be cooperating?

“We are all connected. An ever increasing number of people are having bizarre mystical experiences that literally tell them this. Myself included. Maybe Chris McCandless bloomed too early?

“He was not selfish, he couldn’t handle being surrounded by consumerist, capitalist, brainwashed zombies who are fast bringing around a true Hell on Earth [not literally like Hell, of course] in order to feed their gluttonous habits and support their skewed perceptions. I was one of those people….”


At the end of the post, he does drive off the cliff with the usual Cultural Marxist rhetoric (just goes to show how deep the conditioning is), but in general, the quote above is spot on.  How can a person content himself (or herself) with mindless consumerism when there is deeeeeeeep endemic injustice committed to keep the wheels of corporate consumerism turning—and the specter of death is always looming above our heads?

into wild

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