America is NOT for Black People

Maybe i’ll weigh in on the situation in St. Louis a little more later. In brief, you’ve got a militarized gestapo-tactic police force versus a sub-class of people wallowing in (and often glorifying) pathology and dysfunction. Of the former, many of them are on some deep corrupt and sadistic stuff. They are what they are. They VOLUNTEER to enter the field of work that they do.  That says a lot about them.

As for the coloreds, what are they to do? As has been said, other than being inmates of the prison industrial complex, what value do they and their culture add to the economy? As their illegitimacy rates move closer to the 100% mark, i don’t see them being able to produce any sort of family or community stability. They don’t have any leadership to speak of. Perhaps Reverend Chitlin and Pastor Hamhock will be rolled out for a protest, and they’ll raise some money that they can stick in their pocket, but beyond that, i don’t see the black “leadership” doing much.

One “option” (not that i would advocate this) is that they would become more militant. Our coloreds don’t have a problem killing each other over sneakers and parking spots, but they don’t seem to be able to direct that propensity for violence against their police oppressors. Anyway, any sort of armed insurrection would mean almost certain annihilation.

Another option would be to follow the model of the successful immigrants, like the Jews and East Asians (meaning, Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese). That would mean raising a generation of children who would go on to elite universities and into influential positions, by which they could influence the domestic (and even foreign) policies in the favor of black folk. Again, b/c the black “family” structure has disintegrated, and there is a lack of foresight and self-restraint in black culture, that ain’t likely to happen.

The third option would be to bounce. The fact is that black people will never really be respected by whites (meaning, traditional white culture–not talking about emasculated white males gelded by Cultural Marxism). Blacks were slaves who did not fight for their independence from white folk; hence, they will always be considered second class citizens. Just consider the level of respect whites give Native Americans (they actually fought to be free from white folks). Native American “militants” are eulogized in American history. Which blacks are? And it should be enough to consider the number of towns, cities, and states named after Native Americans (and whites), and which ones are named after blacks (MLK Blvd, in the hood doesn’t count) to see how blacks are regarded.

For African-American Muslims (and Muslims, in general), we are here for the time being—but develop an exit strategy. Have a plan for your children and where you want to raise them. Make sure that they are well-educated, multilingual, multicultural, and are strong in the knowledge of the Deen and have a strong sense of identity as Muslims. Also, don’t get too caught up in this American Race Matrix, for by and large, it is little more than social engineering. None of us are going to be questioned in the grave about the color of our skin. The objective of the Race Matrix is to keep the masses divided and confused, and to keep them from coming to know the purpose of their life and the Truth about their Lord. We should want no part of that confusion.

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