Sista Soulja–What Happened?!?

How do you go from this:
to:  !?!?!?!?!?  

Wut the %#&$ happened?!?

We had a discussion in one of those post-Jumu`ah ciphers the other day on what happened to rap.  I’m not a regionalist (i don’t think Springfield ever produced a major rap artist), but i have to admit that the vast majority of socially conscious rap was coming out of the New York area.  The West coast had the gutter-gangster stuff, and the South had the coon-rap.  

After seeing the first video, i don’t feel so bad about my naivete back in the day.  I was anticipating a generation of young black women like this to be behind their men as we led the black revolution.  If you didn’t get the memo, said revolution never took place.  But IF there had been a generation of women like this, and men holding it down, things COULD have been a lot more different than Nikki Minaj and “Basket Case Wives.”  

Again, this should make it clear that the black culture has disintegrated.  For those African-American Muslims out there, if you haven’t done so yet, please make a cultural hijrah from the heathens and house Negroes.

Post Script:

I don’t agree with everything Sista Soulja said.  Black nationalism/Pan-Africanism have their limitations.   For instance, the ultimate purpose of life is not to be “black” or “African”—the ultimate distinction between people is not the incidental matters of color or geographical origin.  Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism don’t provide people with a clear cut moral code. Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism do not inform people about the events of the Afterlife or who is God.  

The point i’m making with Sista Soulja was that there were black women who were KEENLY AWARE of local and global politics and were willing to WORK WITH BLACK MEN to improve the condition of black people.  These women could breakdown the dynamics of power in America and did so, even if it meant putting their “careers” (or lives) in danger.  Nikki Minaj and the “Basket Case Wives” are a far cry from the bygone era of black consciousness.

Sista Soulja

Sista Soulja

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