The Legacy of Shirk in African-American Culture

The Legacy of Shirk in African-American Culture

Folks have to remember that the majority of the Africans brought here back in the day were hardcore demon worshiping voodoo practicing pagans. After the Crusaders enslaved them, they mixed their mushrik ideas with Christianity. And they still practice their Christian-shirk with their mushrik kufr until today–as we can see:

(Shirk, means to associate partners with God–that is, to worship something other than God or to worship something(s) along with God.  In either case, it is a form of blasphemy, and blasphemy is the worst of the sins.)

This also demonstrates the absurdity of some African-American Muslims thinking that one can establish “unity” on the basis of color.  African-American Muslims should be striving to lead people (of all colors) out of this corporate engineered Race-Matrix and not trying to cling on to an antiquated sense of identity that can only keep them at the bottom of the social order.  Unity is based upon a sincere desire to obey the Creator.  Unity is based upon a condition of the heart and not the pigment of the skin.  Many of these (type of) people in the video, if you were to share with them the genuine Islamic belief in the Creator: that the Creator ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations, that the Creator does not have a size, shape, or form and is not a material or spiritual entity—that the Creator exists without time or place, they would not only reject the True Belief, they will become angry and hostile.

Likewise, if you were to explain to them that the Bible has been changed, and it is not possible for the originated (Jesus) to become beginningless, and that it is not valid to believe that the Creator of the Universe had to incarnate into the womb of a young teenager and then later (supposedly) commit suicide in order to gain the power to forgive people for their sins, they might try to cause you physical harm.

The local Brothers here are quick to remind me that the Negro Church is BIG BUSINESS (i often forget this–praise Allah, i didn’t grow up on that madness). The Negro Church leaders see Islam as a threat to their bank accounts. And they slander Muslims and slander Islam in order to prevent their flocks from listening to what Muslims have to say with an open mind.

Unity is based upon SINCERITY. For the person who sincerely wishes to obey the Creator, well, the doors of Islam are WIDE OPEN–irrespective of one’s nationality, race, class, previous religious affiliation, height, weight, hair color, age, etc. One believes in One Perfect Creator, Who is the Creator of everything, and ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble anything. And one believes in all the Prophets, and that they are all men who received Divine Revelation from the Creator; the Prophets NEVER blasphemed and had the highest level of moral character and human integrity. The last of these Prophets is Muhammad. One becomes Muslim by desiring to embrace Islam and saying:

“Nothing is worthy of worship except Allah; MuHammad is the Messenger of Allah.”



The guy who does the “Deen Show” is not a person of religious knowledge. He invites just about anyone on his program. The speaker is Mufti Menk. I don’t know what his situation is (regarding his `Aqidah methodology). He does use this phrase: “Islam is not a religion,” which is not true. We say that Islam is a religion. Usually, when people way “Islam is not a ‘religion,'” they mean that Islam is not like Christianity in the West, in which Christianity is a marginalized aspect of life that is practiced in the church once a week, but has little to do with people’s daily affairs (such as, how they earn a living, the means by which they carry out transactions, their dress or dietary codes, or how the society is governed, etc.).

Regarding the Verse about Allah creating the jinn and humans, one should NOT say: “Allah created the jinn and humans TO worship Allah,” but rather one should say: “Allah created the jinn and humans, and they were ORDERED TO WORSHIP ALLAH.” If Allah had created everyone to worship Him (no gender intended), then they certainly would have–for whatever Allah has willed to be shall be. It is clear that the people in the above video don’t worship the Creator.  Rather, they worship “spirits” (in this case, demonic jinn), who delude the people into making them think they (the jinn) are worthy of worship.

Also, contrary to the claims of the secularists, voodoo and possession by demonic entities is a real thing.  (We even have a part of the city here in Memphis called “Voodoo Village.”  I remember going there to drop a Brother off a few times and thinking to myself, that i feel like i am way down in the bayous of Louisiana somewhere and that there is a lot of creepy stuff going on–it was only later, maa-shaa’ Allah, that i learned what the local folks call that area.)  As one can see in this video, paganism and devil worship (and that is what these people are praying to–they certainly are not praying to the Creator of the Universe) distorts and warps a person’s mind. Shirk is an abominable matter and isn’t something to be taken lightly.

This is the origin of the practices that take place in the Negro Churches:

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