Cultural Marxism and the Coloreds

I’ve been seeing this guy quite a bit as of late. Perhaps i read some of his stuff back in college, but i was never into the so-called “black liberation theology” stuff. It made no sense how an “educated” person–someone who knows the history of Christianity–could still promote it, much less in the name of “liberating oneself from oppression and racism.”  And that is not to mention how the absurdity of the Christian doctrine is itself a form of mental slavery and oppression.  [Wow, after looking at this guy’s stuff on-line (that is, what is ascribed to him), it’s clear this guy has really gone off the deep end….]

Cornel West: leading colored thinker and homosexual agenda advocate (according to the media).

Cornel West: leading colored thinker and homosexual agenda advocate (according to the media).

He illustrates why i say that the black culture is done—African-American Muslims HAVE TO develop a new identity DISTINCT from either the black heathen culture or that of the Negro Church or colored “elite.” The reason that black folks are at the bottom of the social order today is largely because of the collective immorality that prevails in the culture. Here you have the leading black intellectual in America who supports homosexuality. If the leadership supports such an abomination, then what is to be expected of the impulse driven masses?  I even have learned a new word (apparently) from this character:

They [Harvard Educational Review board members] enthusiastically reported back to us that in his talk, West, who is Professor of Afro-American Studies and of the Philosophy of Religion at Harvard, drew explicit and repeated connections between White supremacy, patriarchy, and HETEROSEXISM.”

(Okay, i don’t feel soooo bad: the word HETEROSEXISM isn’t in my spell-checker, either.) In the same article it says:

“Dr. West agreed, but he expressed concern that, as a heterosexual, he not displace ‘any of the gay, lesbian, or transgender voices.’ He went on to say:

For me it is a privilege and really a blessing[!] to be part of the issue [in promoting homosexuality], because the issue that you’re raising is very important. But as you know, it’s important as well that one not come in from the outside, as it were. It is important not to push aside any of the voices that come from inside of the movement itself.‘”

This is just straight (well, not straight, but queer) Cultural Marxist rhetoric.  In a nutshell, Cultural Marxism (so-called Political Correctness) was initiated by those who sought to subvert the society.  Unlike the traditional Marxists, who sought armed revolution, the Cultural Marxists attacked the society from within by attacking the institutions upon which the society is built: the relationship between and roles of men and women, the family, children and child raising, religion (usually, Christianity–and nowadays Islam), and the general traditions of the society.  The focus of their attack was initially on white, heterosexual, male, Christians.  Now that Christianity has increasingly become a joke in the minds of the masses, homophilia is the norm, and white guilt affects many males of European descent, the Cultural Marxists can now direct more of their energies against Muslims.

Most of the stuff young people get in the university classrooms (i.e., in the social sciences/English) is de facto Cultural Marxism–“Critial Theory,” “multicultural studies,” identity politics, feminism, gender and homo-studies, ad nauseum have a single source.  Rarely is that source discussed and examined—much less, the agenda behind this ideology.  Nowadays, this madness permeates even the grade schools, the media, and the culture, in general.  Anyone who challenges this ideology is deemed a “racist,” “sexist,” or the dreaded “homophobe”–oh, and let’s not forget to add “anti-Semite.”

Many Muslim youths adopt the rhetoric of the Cultural Marxists with NO IDEA of the origin of this ideology.  Since the Cultural Marxists portray themselves as being “tolerant” people (as long as you don’t expose the absurdities in their ideology), and many Muslims in the West have identity issues, which make them yearn for acceptance from the larger society, they are delighted to hear (some of) the Cultural Marxists say some things in defense of Muslims.  (It should be noted that the Cultural Marxists’ “defense” of Muslims is not because of a love of Islam, but they defend Muslims to the extent that they can make observant Christians seem narrow-minded and bigoted.)  As a result of this uncritical mindset stemming from ignorance of Islam and a deep seated inferiority complex, we find many Muslims (or those who at least claim to be) repeating verbatim the talking points of the Cultural Marxists–often (probably) not realizing how the implications of such claims contradict what Allah reveled unto the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam).

As for Cornel, he is suppose to be some sort of “Christian theologian,” but he is promoting homosexuality. How the *expletive* does that work!?! The Bible condemns fornication and perversion, and EXPLICITLY mentions capital punishment for sodomy–furthermore, the Bible condemns the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. And even IF one wanted to run the line that Jesus abolished the Mosaic Laws (which is true–but he came with a new set of Sacred Laws–he did not eliminate the Law altogether), Jesus did NOT (even according to the Bible) promote fornication and perversion.

You have a black America blighted by illegitimacy. The poverty, the crime, the general state of dysfunction in the inner city all stems from serial fornication–the deep distrust in the black community between black men and women stems from serial fornication. Black males are walking around in a psychological state of arrested development largely because their obsession with their reproductive organs. Black women are the run away leaders in new HIV/AIDS cases–and that is because of their promiscuity and the inability of the men they sleep around with to stay out of other men’s rectums.

In spite of all of that, this Cornel character (apparently) is right in line with promoting the homosexual agenda. Amazing. What would Malcolm say to that?!? Now do these Cultural Marxists make some good points about racism, the military/prison industrial complex, colonialism, American foreign policy, and economic disparity? ABSOLUTELY. But just because they do so doesn’t mean that Muslims should embrace these characters and their ideology. At the core of the agenda of the Cultural Marxists is immorality, the rejection of Divine Revelation, and atheism. In reality these people HATE Islam—even if they pretend to “stick up for the oppressed.” If you have “friends” like this (who detest what the Prophet taught), then you really don’t need enemies.

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