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Quotation #50 Of the Eternality of God

“Allah exists without a beginning and everything else exists with a beginning. Allah is the Creator and everything else is a creation.” (Shaykh `Abdullah Al-Harariyy, Al-Mukhtasar (The Summary)) The Sunni Faqih (scholar of Islamic Jurisprudence) and Muhaddith (scholar of Hadith), … Continue reading

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Islam and Hip Hop

Islam and Hip Hop This is a link from a Brother i know that he posted on Facebook: Okay, Brother Ali’s take. One, what was called by some “Islam” in hip hop was almost exclusively “Five Percenter” ideology.  This movement … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Feminism (Just One Example)

The Absurdity of Feminism (Just One Example) This is very interesting. I’m not a fan of Whoopi, but she really held it down here. I haven’t kept up much with the Ray Rice thing–never heard of him before this incident–and … Continue reading

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Exposing the (so-called) ISIS Movement

EXPOSING THE (so-called) ISIS MOVEMENT The core ideology of the so-called ISIS is that of Wahhabism (quasi-salafism).   This ideology is NOT from Sunni Islam, but from a character named Muhammad Ibn `Abdul-Wahhab, who died about 200 years ago.   When the … Continue reading

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The Black Idiocracy

The Black Idiocracy This is something i came across.  Pretty much on point.  We have a dysgenic dystopia taking place in the black inner city.  The low IQ crew breeds amongst itself (and even middle class and professional black women … Continue reading

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The Kalaam of Allah (Short Audio Lesson)

This lesson is a clarification regarding the Kalaam Controversy. (The first ten seconds may not have any sound.)  

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Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (Brief Audio)

This is a lesson about the Islamic concept of miracles, and we mention some of the miracles of Prophet Muhammad and some of other Prophets of God. (The first ten seconds may not have any audio.)

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