The Absurdity of Feminism (Just One Example)

The Absurdity of Feminism (Just One Example)

This is very interesting. I’m not a fan of Whoopi, but she really held it down here. I haven’t kept up much with the Ray Rice thing–never heard of him before this incident–and i am not a fan of turning wifey into a punching bag. However, Whoopi’s main point is that women should not antagonize men and put themselves in circumstances in which they are likely to get hit. Period.

One woman brought up this issue of size difference. Well, as a guy, i have enough sense not to get into the “face” of someone like a Shaquille O’Neal talking about his momma and spitting on him. If i got a beat down, folks probably wouldn’t be coming to my defense saying he shouldn’t have done so b/c he’s a lot bigger than i am. Instead, i would be (and should be) blamed for being a fool.

This issue also exposes the fallacy of feminism. Day and night the feminists are crying that they want (or have) “equality;” however, if a man treats women with equality (like giving an equal opportunity beat down), then the man is accused of a heinous crime. Again, this is all part of the Cultural Marxist agenda–to remove all responsibility from the likes of women, and blame men for their (women’s) own “less than wise” decisions. Frankly, the feminists can’t have it both ways: if you want equality, then it has to be “full equality” and not “selective equality.”

In truth, both boys and girls need to be reared so that they understand that they have different roles. Girls need to know that this feminist garbage, regardless of how it might soothe certain insecurities and feed the ego, is detached from real life power dynamics. And boys need to be trained to be patient and to deal with the peculiarities of female nature. Telling girls (and boys) that the two genders are “equal” only places the weaker gender in situations in which they are likely to be abused or violated.

Allah has made different rules for the different genders. And those rules are for the benefit of the individuals and for the society.

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