Islam and Hip Hop

Islam and Hip Hop

This is a link from a Brother i know that he posted on Facebook:

Clarence 13 X: the founder of the Five Percenters

Clarence 13 X: the founder of the Five Percenters–this is the person whom the Five Percenters refer to as “Father Allah.”  This is BLATANT blasphemy.

Okay, Brother Ali’s take. One, what was called by some “Islam” in hip hop was almost exclusively “Five Percenter” ideology.  This movement is a spinoff from Eli Poole’s  (“Muhammad”) so-called Nation of Islam. Neither the 5%ers nor the Nation are “Islamic” groups.  On what basis can that be said?  Well, we have to take things back to their meanings.  A Muslim is a person who believes PROPERLY in the Creator (Allah) and in all the Prophets.

When Muslims speak of God, they are speaking of the One, Perfect, Eternal Creator of the Universe.  The Creator was before the creations–before the Heavens and Earth, before light and darkness, before time and space.  The Creator existed and nothing else existed.  The Creator does not need or resemble the creations.  The Creator exists without time or place.  Whatever one imagines, the Creator, Allah, is different from that.

In addition to the PROPER belief in the Creator, one must believe in all the Prophets of Allah.  All the Prophets were men who received Divine Revelation from the Creator.  They were men of the highest virtue and honor.  They were all men of integrity, dignity, intelligence, courage, and wisdom.  The Prophets are the noblest of the creations.  God is One; God is clear of imperfection and does not change–hence, the true belief in God does not change.  All the Prophets called people to worship the same Perfect and Incomparable Creator.  In brief, this belief (properly understood) and testification to it (I bear witness nothing is worthy of worship except Allah, MuHammad is the Messenger of Allah) is the minimum for one to be considered a Muslim.

The 5%ers (so-called “Nation of Gods and Earths”) claim that the Name Allah stands for A-rm L-eg L-eg A-rm H-ead. They consider every “Asiatic” black man to be God (a`udhu billah). These people are mushriks (pagans). It should be evident that the human being cannot be God.  The originated (e.g., the human being) can’t become beginningless.  God is Beginningless; God existed before the creations and is not dependent upon the creations.  The human being, by his very nature, requires food, drink, air, and in the least, space, in order to exist.

Furthermore, as the Qur’an tells us, whatever Allah wills to be shall be (85:16).  If the hundreds of millions of “Asiatic Blackmen” in Africa and India, for instance, were all “God,” then all of them could will and bring into being whatever they willed.  It is ludicrous to say that there hundreds of millions of beings with absolute control over the universe.  There is only One God, and everything is subordinate to the Creator, as the Qur’an informs us:

If there had been other gods with Allah, then this world would have been in ruins.”  (21:20)

And this is so because each one of these alleged gods would be vying for supremacy over other alleged gods.  Allah is the only God and Creator.  No one or thing deserves to be worshiped except Allah.

Additionally, on the one hand the Five Percenters claim that the white man is the devil… but it was white men who enslaved black men by the millions and subjugated the continent of Africa (and other parts of the black world) to colonialism.  In essence, the Five Percenters are claiming that the devil has power over God.  Sometimes the Five Percenters will claim that this happened (meaning, colonialism and slavery) because the “Blackman did not have knowledge of himself.”  So, in essence, according to their blasphemous doctrine, “God” was ignorant of being God, and was tricked and enslaved by the devil.  No Muslim would say or believe such a thing.

As for the so-called Nation of Islam, which is the origin of the Five Perecenter ideology, it claims that God created Himself trillions of years ago out of darkness and electricity.  (The Final Call, p. 32 vol. 10, #10)  This is ludicrous, for one, because, something can’t be “self-created”—what doesn’t exist cannot act or produce something, much less can the non-existent produce itself.  A thing must be (exist) to do. 

Also, the Qur’an informs us that Allah created the light AND THE DARKNESS (Al-An`aam, 1).  Allah is not light, nor is Allah darkness.  Allah is the CREATOR of light and darkness–and electricity and everything else.  So on the one hand, the so-called Nation of Islam claims God was created from darkness and electricity and that the white man is the devil, but it also claims that the Creator of the Universe was born to a white(!) woman in the year 1877.  It should be clear that neither one of these groups is “Islamic.” In fact, these people called a MULTITUDE of youth to kufr and Hellfire in the name of “Islam.”

The other group that was mentioned in the video was the X-Clan.  The X-Clan was part of the “Black Watch”–a black nationalist organization.  They invited youth to the blasphemy of Pharaonic Egypt and also to the demon worship of West African voodoo cults.  In the final assessment, none of these groups, which were allegedly “conscious” were guided, but rather, they were misguiding and deviating people from the path of pure Islamic monotheism.

As for the social commentary and music, i am a product of that era, and it was the music that helped with my political-social-racial awakening—that along with the things i was reading, beginning with the “Autobiography of Malcolm X.” By the grace of Allah, i was guided to genuine Islam (and i did not embrace 5%er nonsense). These people mixed some “good” (political-social-racial consciousness) with the deadly poison of blasphemy, vice, and sin.

As for things being by design, they pretty much are set up that way. But like with most black apologists, they seem to fail to mention that no one forced black folks to abandon the socially “conscious” rap for “gangsta rap.” No one is forcing black people to listen to radio music today. Anyway, an observant Muslim avoids the fitnah of this degenerate rap-crap by fearing Allah and not listening to this music. Problem solved… and for free.

Also, none of these allegedly conscious types will touch the black heathens’ favorite pass time, namely, serial fornication. Yes, there are blood sucking parasitical institutions that promote and feed off of black pathology, but that does not remove personal accountability. No white men (or Jews) are forcing black men and women to fornicate. The REAL problem in the hood is the breakdown of morality.  People can be poor and still behave in a civil manner.  Once immorality is normalized, however, it makes it almost impossible to have stable marriages and stable families (after all, serial fornicators don’t make for good wives or husbands)–and without stable families, there cannot be stable communities.

Regarding a solution, the African-American Muslims can take what was good from what these guys have to offer–for example, being historically and socially conscious. We also must develop our own art form(s) by which we can spread our values and the pure creed of Tawheed in a manner that is appealing to the masses (without dumbing things down or committing sins). We also need to have a “higher critique.”  That is, Muslims need to have a more sophisticated understanding of the society in which we live.  Our analysis must be more than regurgitating Cultural Marxist and Negro apologist gibberish.  We must examine the world around us from the vantage point of the Sacred Law, and by doing so we can distinguish Truth from falsehood and provide people with an alternative different from what the Matrix has to offer.  And if we don’t do this, frankly, i don’t know who will.

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