Quotation #50 Of the Eternality of God

“Allah exists without a beginning and everything else exists with a beginning. Allah is the Creator and everything else is a creation.”

(Shaykh `Abdullah Al-Harariyy, Al-Mukhtasar (The Summary))

The Sunni Faqih (scholar of Islamic Jurisprudence) and Muhaddith (scholar of Hadith), Shaykh `Abdullah Al-Harariyy,1 mentioned in his Summary of the Personal Obligatory Knowledge, the above quote pertaining to the correct belief in the Creator (Allah). Muslims believe in One Perfect God. God (Allah) is the Creator of everything. That is, everything that exists other than God is a creation.

In brief we know that God exists, for the creations stand as proof for the existence of a Creator. Contrary to the claims of the atheists, the universe could not be self-created, for as we have mentioned here: https://facetofloor.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/the-atheist-delusion/ it is absurd to claim that something was existing before it was originated, and then it was originated after it was already existing. That is, for something to (allegedly) “create itself,” it would require existence to act (something that doesn’t exist can’t do something). And to claim that what already was existing originated itself is likewise absurd—a thing could not exist before it existed. Furthermore, one cannot honestly claim that the universe is beginningless, for that leads to the absurdity of what is called an “infinite regress.” The present is the culmination (limit) of what came before… but that which is allegedly infinite does not have a limit.

The atheists have faith in “particles” and “chance”—but particles cannot give themselves their own properties, and they cannot arrange themselves “by chance.” The statistical chance of pulling cards numbered 1-10 from a bag in sequential order is 1 in 3.6 million. And if we add just five more cards to the bag, the statistical chance of pulling them out in sequential order 1-15 becomes 1 in 1,307,674,368,000. The atheists will reject the claim of the one who says that he was able to randomly pull twenty-five cards out of a bag a dozen consecutive times (without cheating) but, yet, he has faith that the particles of the human eye, for instance, somehow arranged themselves and designated themselves with the attribute of sight. Islam, contrary to atheism, invites people to be reasonable: the universe could not possible “create itself” and arrange itself… all by itself. Muslim are certain that the universe requires a Creator.

Unlike the Ancient Greeks philosophers, the Muslims recognize that only Allah is beginningless (the Greek philosophers held the conviction that there was a co-eternal substance from which God allegedly created the universe). Allah originated this universe ex nihilo—that is, from nothing, as the Prophet Muhammad informed us about the beginning of creation: “Allah was [existing] and there was nothing other than Allah.” Allah then created the Primordial Water and from that substance everything else was created.
It is understood that since Allah is the only one who exists without a beginning, then Allah is Unique. Allah is totally and categorically different from everything else. God is uncreated; hence, God is unlike the creations.

Also, it is evident that since Allah existed before the creations, then Allah is not dependent upon any of the creations. Allah existed before place, directions, distance, and time. Therefore, it is known that Allah is not a spatial entity, for Allah does not have a size, because whatever has a size requires space in order to exist. Allah is not a temporal entity, for Allah has no age and does not undergo change, and Allah does not have an origin. The dimensions of time and space are both created; Allah existed before they existed without needing them, and after Allah created time and space, Allah did not transform and become dependent upon them. God is not an object or an image: whatever one imagines, Allah is different from that.

Everything that exists (other than God) is originated by God. Allah is not only the Originator Who initiated the universe, but Allah is the Sustainer of the creation. Each motion and stillness that occurs in the universe is created by Allah. The thoughts, the feelings, the intentions—everything (other than Allah) is created by Allah. The creations do not have the power to bring themselves into being, and they do not have the power to sustain themselves from moment to moment. There is only One Creator, and the true Name of the Creator is “Allah.”

Since Allah is the sole Creator of everything, and we are merely the property of Allah, then Allah has the right to do with us whatever Allah so wills. Allah is the Owner of everything, and Allah owes us nothing. The wise and prudent thing for the human being to do is to submit to God, which is the essence of Islam.2 The person who revolts against God will never find true contentment in this fleeting world and will be in a state of perdition in the Hereafter. For one to attain the ultimate felicity and bliss, one must be a Muslim and strive to fulfill all of the commands of Allah and avoid all forbidden matters. This is the path of ultimate success in this life and the one to come. May Allah, the Lord of the Heavens and Earth, grant us that.

1For more information about Shaykh `Abdullah and his teachings please see: http://www.shaykhabdullah.com/biography/

2A person becomes Muslim by saying: “Nothing is worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,” with the desire to become Muslim. No witnesses or ritual bathing is required beforehand.

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