The Absurdity of Atheism

The Absurdity of Atheism

“Calculating is not the same as CREATING.”

Many people are confused on this point.  Simply because the atheists attempt to calculate the various customary causal relationships in the (seen) universe, they are led to think that there is “no God.”  The calculations of the atheist-scientists do not CREATE the properties of the entities.  They are merely a means to EXPLAIN phenomena, but explaining does not make things happen.

The atheist doctrine at its core is one of the most blindly absurd of all creeds.  The atheists do have a “belief.”  They believe in particles (or “waves”).  In essence, the atheists believe that particles–which are, lacking will, lacking knowledge, and lacking inherent power–somehow agreed to arrange themselves to form far more complex systems… all by themselves.  Observation, however, demonstrates that if something is “left alone,” it doesn’t tend toward growing complexity and sophistication–it tends toward decay and dissolution.  (No one expects that a car or house that is abandoned and neglected will in 200 years be in better condition than it is now.)

According to the atheists, however, not only did an explosion occur billions of years ago that “formed” the universe–this explosion happened in such a manner that ever-growing complexity sprang forth from it.  Aside from the fact that one does not generate explosions to get order (and that there had to be something to explode to begin with), according to the doctrine of the atheists, this explosion not only produced a universe (that eventually sprang forth life and even human consciousness), this explosion enabled the universe to perpetuate itself through the eons… all by itself.

It is understandable that many Western people would reject a doctrine that claims that the Creator of the Universe had to incarnate into an infant, and then later commit suicide in order to forgive people for their sins.  However, simply because the Christian belief in God is wrong does not mean that this universe does not have a Creator.  To the contrary–since this universe can neither be “self-created” nor beginningless (the former would entail claiming that the universe existed before it was originated, and the latter would lead to the impossibility of an infinite regress), then the universe is dependent upon something other than itself to have brought it into being and to sustain it (again, it is absurd to claim that the “universe created the universe”).

Muslims affirm the Existence of the Creator—but we negate any similarity between the Originator and the originated.  God exists, but is in no way similar to–nor dependent upon–the creations.  Before there was light, darkness, space or time, there was a Creator.  God is not darkness or light.  God exists without being in a location or direction.  The Creator exists without time and does not age.  The Creator is greater than what we can fathom in our imagination.  The Creator is beyond compare.  This is the pure belief of Islamic monotheism–the middle position between denying the Creator’s Existence and comparing the Creator to the creations.

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