Crystal Cipher #1 `Aqeeq Rings

Crystal Cipher #1 `Aqeeq Rings

`AQEEQ – It was related that it is sunnah to wear a silver ring with an `aqeeq  set in it. It is Sunnah to wear the ring on the small (pinky) finger with the `aqeeq turned to the side, facing outward. It was mentioned that the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, had a Yemeni `aqeeq set in his silver ring. Among the benefits mentioned in wearing the `aqeeq are:

By the Will of Allaah, it is beneficial for the heart and it strengthens it, especially in confrontations; wearing it in a ring pushes away worries & palpitations; it is beneficial for liver, kidney, and bladder problems; it is beneficial in blood diseases and in healing wounds; it is beneficial in remedying chest pains and aiding digestion; wearing it continuously helps prevent extreme poverty; it strengthens concentration; it is beneficial against the venom of insects; it helps to increase energy; it is beneficial for fertility and impotency problems; and it is beneficial in relaxing labor pains.

`Aqeeq Rings for Sale

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