The Chapel Hill Shootings: A Sunni View

This weekend a buddy from high school (and now i’m a Brother of his in Islam), posted something from a MMA fighter named Randy Couture (never had heard of him before).  It was something he shared about how Muslims have never had any share in American history. (Somehow, just somehow, the author forgot to mention that THOUSANDS of Muslims were here in the US since its inception–the overwhelming majority, of course were black and enslaved and NOT ALLOWED to be involved in the founding of American institutions.)

The next day, a Brother sent me something written by a conservative brown guy.  He has some good criticisms of Leftist ideology (without pointing to the folks behind the curtain).  And in the past, he’s said some relatively favorable things about Muslims–namely, that many Muslims overseas are upset with America because the morally vacuous and decadent Leftist media (e.g., Hollywood movies and the music industry) are attempting to impose their corrosive and toxic lifestyles upon the Muslims.  The guy (the brown guy) is smart and well-educated.  And he used to write for the educated crowd.

Now, however, he is pandering to the real Serf class.  (By Serf class, i mean the simple-minded, crossed up, white folk who ride or die for the star spangled pimp, the Military Industrial Complex, and “free enterprise” (more like corporate rape by the giant corporations that own the country).  Explain to them as you may about how the owners of this country DON’T CARE about them–that they are simply pawns and canon fodder–it simply doesn’t matter: they are are going to be behind the Fox propaganda.  After all, it seems that these people are terribly uncomfortable unless they have someone (non-white, in particular) to hate.)   Back to the brown guy–from what i saw on his FB page, he throws out statements to get his constituency riled up about Obama (which is merely thinly disguised racism–not that i am an Obama fan) and Muslims.

He knows that these simpletons will run with what he says.  I even saw one woman say about Muslims: where is their diversity [and it seems she was implying ethnic diversity]?  Doesn’t she know that Martin Luther King said that Sunday was the most segregated day of the week?  (Well, she probably doesn’t.)  Some of the people on the page were saying that Obama was a “Muslim” working for the so-called Muslim Brotherhood.  (Oh, they were particularly upset with Obama b/c he made a critical statement about Christians and the Crusades—and one could have easily mentioned the MILLIONS killed in the name of Christianity during the era of “exploration” and colonialism.)  As i read the page, it became clear that many of these people weren’t just a little racist, or a little bigoted against Muslims, these people were full-fledged delusional, living in a fantastic realm of paranoia.

I began to think that guys like him (the brown guy), Fox, and then this “American Sniper” movie are going to incite some of the people from this class to commit acts of violence against Muslims–after all, it doesn’t take much for them to turn violent, and like i said, they seem to be a people who just can’t be happy being around folks who don’t look like them.  The only thing i can say that “surprises” me about the event in Chapel Hill is that the guy (who allegedly committed the act) is a hard atheist.  I would have assumed the guy to be a Christian extremist–but then for the atheists, many of them live in a world of nihilism: according to them, we are mere conglomerations of cell tissue and life has no reason or purpose or consequences.  Killing human beings would not be terribly problematic for people with such a worldview (it’s enough to be familiar with the history of communism in the Soviet Union and China and its atheistic ideology to understand that).

It is important that we, as Muslims, don’t go to one extreme or the other in response to this.  Some will start doing the begging thing trying to prove they are “genuine Americans.” Believe me, as a black guy, beg as you may, there are going to be a class of people here in the US who are going to HATE you whether or not you kiss their feet (or other body parts).  They will not accept you not just because you are following the final Prophet; they won’t accept you because of how you look or because of your name.  Get over it.

Other Muslims, especially those who are influenced by radical ideologies, like Wahhabism and quasi-Salafism (and YES we do have a problem with radicalization in the Muslim community here in the US) may seek to exact revenge.  This, also, is not the way to go.  Injustice should not be reciprocated with injustice.  Furthermore, doing such does not help the Muslims, and does not help those people who are searching for the Truth and are in DESPERATE need of understanding the genuine message of Islam.

The solution is to make a commitment to excel through obedience to Allah.  The solution is in learning the Deen properly, teaching others, and spreading the Message of Islam.  We should not be punked down by cowards–cowards who see the disintegration of their own culture, “race,” and civilization.  Remember that the Deen and the message of Tawheed, the message of: “Worship the Incomparable Creator and not any of the creations,” only reached us because of the sacrifice and suffering of those who came before us.  Be sincere and courageous in spreading Islam.  If we are, we can’t lose in this world nor the next.

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One Response to The Chapel Hill Shootings: A Sunni View

  1. Abdul Majid says:

    Ma Sha Allah this essay was enough for me be like the proverbial ‘Mt. Fuji’,with such a broad and solid foundation….With your mind as high as Mt Fuji you can see created phenomenon clearly. And you can see all the forces that shape events; not just the things happening near to you–Miramonte Musashi. Jazakullah Khairan..I Thank Allah for Islam and may Allah bless us to be steadfast in this era of turmoil, widespread oppression, strife, racism, and mass confusion Ameen!

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