“I DON’T KNOW IF WE CAN COME BACK,” says Sinbad–and Brother Ali couldn’t agree more.


And that’s it: you have a failed culture that is incapable of competing in a hyper-tech global economy… and a Prison Industrial Complex (and welfare state) ready put them in cages. It’s done. Abandon ship and get a new identity free from these heathens.

You still have Muslims (African-American Muslims–and some less than wise non-AA Muslim youth who imitate this mess) trying to cling to what is clearly a failed culture. (Just look at what’s in the background–liquor bottles and a prison recruitment magazine (i.e., “The Source”)–and the liquor (and drugs) is what fuels the Prison Industrial Complex). I think that you have to be borderline delusional to think that this culture is going to reform itself (it doesn’t WANT to change). You are dealing with:

–a 70% illegitimacy rate (it’s actually higher than that–because SOME of these guys will marry a woman after they find out she’s knocked up)

–Along with the above, 70% of black kids raised in single parent (i.e., single mother) homes

–Fornication is completely normalized (which leads to illegitimacy and family/social instability–treachery, deceit and distrust)

–Homosexuality increasingly normalized

–Atheism is growing

–A privatized Prison Industrial Complex that profits from mass incarceration

–A massive dependency upon welfare–which further undermines the family

–The outsourcing of nearly the entire industrial base of the American economy (back in the day, black men with nominal educational skills could get decent paying union jobs in factories)

–Latino immigration: which will make the black manual labor that is not done by robots and other tech devices obsolete

–The shift toward a hyper-technological and global economy–and many black males don’t have basic (i mean, real basic) academic skills, much less advanced skills in mathematics and computer programming and technology

–The total unpreparedness to compete in a global economy (such as, with the Chinese, Japanese, and East Indians)—and against people who DON’T CARE about the history of American slavery and American racism (hence, the “race card” is becoming increasingly irrelevant)

And you can add to the above:

–A culture that does not tolerate ANY level of self-criticism or self-reflection; any consideration of the self-destructive trends in black culture is regarded as “self-hatred” (You can ask even one of the icons of black culture, Bill Cosby (…i know, i mean BEFORE the scandals) about that)

–And lastly, it is a “culture” that is not a culture—meaning, that today’s black “culture” is not internally formed, but rather, it is CLEARLY a product of corporate propaganda. Simply consider where does the average black guy in the hood (and in black culture, the values go from the hood to the middle class on up) get his values and sense of normalcy from? He doesn’t get them from the Negro Church; not likely he gets them from the mosque; not likely that his father is around. He gets his values from the black (corporate engineered) pop-media culture, which is DESIGNED to keep black America in its pathological state… and if you told this guy in the hood about that.. he wouldn’t want to hear it

Ya, Brother Ali’s been sayin’ it for a minit. It’s done. It’s time to evolve and move on. The Earth is a large place. Marry strategically. Don’t get stuck on this corporate engineered Afro-American culture.”

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