The End of Black Nationalism

  The End of Black Nationalism (in general, and in particular for the African-American Muslim)

In my Facebook feed i get posts from various black nationalist groups–well, more like individuals (ain’t many black nationalist groups left).  Among them is one guy, who basically employs a reverse brown paper bag litmus test to determine if you are “genuinely black” and not a high-yellow or “mulatto” agent or potential race traitor.  In particular, he talks about the need for black economics.

These kind of guys i am always leery of.  That’s not to say that having a good financial infrastructure isn’t critical.  It ABSOLUTELY is.  However, when money (or the lack thereof) is blamed for the current black condition–and not behavior and MORALITY–then it leads me to think that this is more about a scam than about the actual rectification of the black condition.  Furthermore, a person without a moral compass isn’t going to become a better human being because he gets money–as the lives of many of the wealthy rappers or characters caught in Wall St. scandals readily demonstrate.

These guys (the black nationalists, in general) are still banking on black people some day “waking up” and getting united.  There have been a multitude of black activists who have come along and broken down the System and the measures that black folks would have to take to improve their situation.  (Anybody ever hear of a person called “Malcolm X?”)  By and large, their pleas and warnings fell on deaf ears.  A culture enamored with pop media and predicated on following impulses and immediate self-gratification doesn’t want to hear about self-restraint and discipline.  Nonetheless, these black nationalists are still clinging on to the rhetoric of some sort bygone Civil Rights era that is losing whatever little relevance it had with each passing day.

We live in a global era. People travel and emigrate. American (i mean, “USian”) notions of race are NOT universal. They don’t even apply in other parts of the Americas. The people coming into America have their own notions (and hang-ups) about race and identity—but they are not the notions (and hang-ups) of black and white Americans.

We live in the era of Facebook and international travel. For the black nationalists to preserve “African-America,” they would have to impose some sort of moratorium on exogamy (i.e., marrying outside of the Tribe). Educated and functional black men are going to meet women from all over the world via Facebook/other social media. They are going to get passports and bounce to find wives.

Black women, because of feminism, black men marrying out of the Tribe, and the fact that women tend to marry up or at least across do not have the same options. A Brother can get off the plane in, you name it: Belize, Senegal, or the Philippines and find a wife within 24 hours. The middle class black woman with her Master’s Degree has that option–but doesn’t have that option–meaning, that although she may find takers in such places, it’s not likely she would want to marry a man who earned $5,000 gross income last year. This IS a crisis for black America and the African-American Muslims. The only solution i see to it is possibly polygyny.

The kids of intercultural marriages (in-shaa’ Allah) will grow up with a GLOBAL view of the world—and not some narrow victim-view of being a downtrodden black American. These kids will, of course, in time marry each other, and will have their own identities. And in not too long of a time, you won’t have too many “real” black Americans left.  Allah knows best, but this is the way things seem to be trending, and we should be aware of that and prepare for these realities.

With that said this was a response to some of these black nationalists who are fretting over the possible condition of the black community in 3-4 generations time:


“You guys can’t possibly think that in three or four generations people are still going to be clinging on to some outdated Jim Crow era notions of race/identity? The white population is diminishing–in relative numbers and power. The Spanish-speaking Native American population is growing… uh, i mean “Latinos,” and it is growing RAPIDLY. You have a large influx of brown/yellow minorities coming into the country who totally can’t relate to this American chattel slavery colorism complex. The more educated and functional black males will marry outside the race (or at least the ethnic Tribe). This, of course, will cause a major brain drain in the black community–and we see that right now.

“(Also, let me add: black unity and adhering to the one drop rule (that most blacks themselves chose to adopt) was a RESPONSE to an open and legal racism and segregation. That system no longer exists, and for many blacks, they don’t feel they have any compelling reason to identify with or support what have been traditionally “black causes.” And the movement among black conservatives, although relatively small and probably will never have mass appeal, does make some cogent arguments about how detrimental life on the liberal Democratic Plantation can be.)

“If the show is still up and running in 50 years, you will have (for ‘blacks’) a large biracial/multiracial upper caste (not that they will identify as ‘black’–think: the children of a hypothetical “Tiger Woods'” family marrying into similar families). You will have a pathological black underclass that will be just about Planned Parenthooded out of existence. Whatever remnants of that class that remain will be irrelevant in a hyper-tech economy. They will still be wallowing in their culture of illegitimacy, pathology and dysfunction—going in and out of the privatized prisons–and always teetering on the brink of extinction by the latest drug epidemic or plague of sexually transmitted disease. Folks need to cut out the emotionalism, look at their situation honestly and critically, and EVOLVE beyond white racist imposed concepts of “race” and identity.”

For Muslims, we must extend our reach to WHOMEVER is interested in the truth.  If a person is SERIOUS about community development, then he must be serious about self-improvement.  And if he is serious about self-improvement, then he will be serious about obeying his Lord.  The door of obedience to God is open to everyone–regardless of their color, ethnicity, nationality, or previous religious affiliation.  The Creator is One, ABSOLUTELY Incomparable and Free-of-Need.  The Creator is not an object or an image.  The Creator has no size, shape or dimensions.  Whatever one imagines, the Creator is totally different from that.  The Creator sent Prophets–recipients of Divine Revelation and men of the highest moral caliber–to guide people to the Truth.  If a person doesn’t want to obey the Creator, then he’s probably not very serious (or sincere) about less significant matters.

Imaan (true belief in Allah and the Prophets) and sincere obedience has to be the basis of our unity–and not color.  Da`wah can be tailored to the needs of different groups, but it would be a big step backwards for the American Muslims to call people to some sort of black nationalist da`wah, when American racial nationalism (which itself is grounded on falsehood) is an ideology that will not be able to effectively compete in a globalized world. It’s time for the African-American Muslims to make an exodus from the American Race Matrix–and be a beacon for others to show them a way out as well.

Leader of the "New Black Panther Party."  The face of a person stuck in another era.

King Samir Shabazz, a leader of the “New Black Panther Party.” The face of a person stuck in a bygone era.



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