(This was written in response to a video on Facebook someone posted)

I don’t understand why someone would discourage Muslims from getting strong (VERY strong) in the matters of the `Aqeedah–especially, in this era of prevalent deviancy.  (I do understand, in the sense that the one who usually de-emphasizes the matters of `Aqidah has ulterior motives… like to get at people’s money.  I mean for those who think they are being sincere about protecting Muslims and the religion of Islam.)  Anyone who is involved in da`wah knows that there are MANY people calling themselves “Muslims,” but are not in reality worshiping Allah (hence, they are NOT Muslims). They believe Allah is literally “light,” or that Allah is literally everywhere, or that Allah is located literally above the `Arsh, or that Allah unites with the souls of the righteous, etc. Others believe that Allah is not the Creator of everything. How can a person worship Allah, if he doesn’t know what does/does not befit Allah–he can’t.

Why do people (claiming to be Muslims) adopt such erroneous/blasphemous beliefs?  They do so because the matters of `Aqeedah were not/are not adequately emphasized in their Islamic education.  They also are not educated about blasphemous beliefs that nullify a person’s Islam.  As a result many people leave Islam (or were never a part of Islam) without even realizing it.

Also, the one who dismisses the need to learn the details of `Aqeedah is doing a GRAVE disservice to the Muslims in the West.  Youth growing up here are assaulted by the allegedly “rationalist” materialist sciences and atheism.  Muslim youth are taught that the belief in a Creator is something absurd and cannot be rationally demonstrated.  This can lead to confusion–and even doubt–in that Muslim’s mind (and if they have doubt in the core belief in Allah, then they are not Muslim).  And telling Muslim youth to “just go pray,” doesn’t remove the confusion and doubt (and doesn’t make him better equipped to defend the Deen).  Also, telling him just to “accept that which he has confusion about” and not learn the details of the Creed, is not much different from many Christians being taught: “just have faith”–and many former Christians will say that they left their religion because of preachers and priests telling them to do just that.

The difference with Islam in this case is that Islam provides the person with sound rational proofs for the Existence of the Creator.  The Creator is Transcendent and Incomparable.  Whatever one imagines, the Creator is totally different from that.  As Muslims, we do not believe in the worship of idols, objects, images, or ethereal beings.  We affirm the Creator’s Existence, while not likening the Creator to the creations.

Many a convert who has learned traditional Sunni `Aqeedah and the rational proofs that accompany will attest that acquiring such knowledge was among the most intellectually liberating experiences of their life.  Power simply resonates from the heart and in one’s faith, when one can understand and articulate the proper belief in their Lord.  Anyone who dismisses or opposes the importance of learning the details of `Aqeedah is either ABSYMALLY ignorant of the circumstances and psychology of the people in the West… or has some sort of agenda to deceive people.

As for the claim that discussing matters of `Aqeedah is grounds for dividing the Ummah, this is a vacuous argument. If a person has a kufr belief in Allah (like, believing Allah is an object or an image, or has limbs, or organs, or otherwise occupies space), then when he hears the correct belief of Tanzeeh (that Allah ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations), he will either accept the correct belief (and truly embrace Islam), or he will reject the true belief and stay on shirk. If this person chooses to remain on shirk (e.g., object and/or image worship), then this person is NOT a Muslim and is not part of the Ummah.

If a person is not informed about the correct belief, he may be THINKING he is part of the Ummah, but he is not in reality. He is merely dressing up and playing pretend as a Muslim and going thru the motions of a Muslim, while squandering his precious time and energy, earning no reward for his apparent acts of obedience. And if he dies before he reforms his condition, then he will be condemned to Hell forever.  This problem could largely be remedied by simply teaching the correct `Aqeedah–a Creed that complies with the judgment of the sound mind.

It’s easy to understand the proper belief: Allah is the only One Who is Beginningless.  Allah existed before the creations and there was nothing else.  Before there was light and darkness, distance and direction, time or place, there was a Creator.  Allah is the Creator of everything and ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble anything. To believe otherwise is contrary to Islam. And the only reason one would believe otherwise–especially, after being told–is because of the corruption in that person’s heart.  The unity of the Ummah–and our invitation to humanity in general–is to worship Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth and all they contain.

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