Be Victors Not Victims


I thought the title of this page was interesting: .

It pretty much sums up a dominant theme of (American) black and white relations.  Blacks were brought here to be slaves–mostly to do hard labor.  It was never intended that black people would be empowered, so they could come to dominate the white majority, and many blacks have psychologically accepted this position of social inferiority… really to no end in sight.  And with the New Economy–driven by ultra-high technology and global competition (and a growing multiracial Latino immigrant population)–nominally educated and nominally skilled black manual labor has little use.  Throw a “for profit” prison system and a seventy percent illegitimacy rate into the mix, and you have a recipe for at least a “soft genocide.”

It came to me this morning about how deep the slave catcher/slave master vs. black male dynamic runs through the psyche of black America.  It’s important that African-American Muslims don’t adopt this attitude.  You tend to get what you focus on.  And if you see yourself as a slave–even a rebellious field slave–you are not projecting yourself into a position of dominance–or genuine victory.  You just become a rebel… without much of a cause.  You are still projecting yourself as a social subordinate with no practical alternative model.  Hence, you wouldn’t make long term plans–plans that can make you (and your descendants) a significant factor in a post-racial global economy (or at least semi-post-racial global economy).

Yes, white racism in America noxious (as all racism is noxious).  But the white racists who hate blacks almost with no exception also hate Muslims.  They hate Muslims REGARDLESS of their color. This is another legacy of Western society: the legacy of the Crusades, and a hatred of all things Muslim. As a Muslim, one should not see himself (or herself) as a “slave” or social subordinate to those of a Crusader mentality.  The Prophet did not encourage us to think of ourselves as such.  Also, as a Muslim, you realize that there are other ways to counter white racism (and racists) than trying to work within the stupid and artificial paradigm they set up to ensure their own power.

For one, racism isn’t rooted in one’s skin color, per se, but rather in one’s heart.  It (racism) is a disease of the heart that stems from arrogance.  We are all mortal beings created from body fluids.  We come forth from our mothers’ bodies amidst what is less than pleasant.  We live for a while, and if we live long enough, we become decrepit, and we will all die.  And most people, after they die, will become stinking, rotting corpses of worm food and eventually fertilizer.  None of us, black, white, yellow, brown, or red have much to be “arrogant” about.

What ultimately distinguishes any of us is our creed and our deeds.  Did we accept the Truth about the One Incomparable Creator and the Prophets of the Creator–or did we reject that?  And did we live our lives striving to sincerely obey the One Who created us?  If one did not, then they will be met with great loss and great misery when they inevitably pass from this plane of existence.  If they accepted the Truth and sincerely abided by it, then they will ultimately be winners.  They will be victorious.

As a reminder to fellow African-American Muslims–and everyone else–if we keep imbibing this media propaganda, it becomes difficult to escape the American Race Matrix and feelings of victimization.  At some point, we have to cut the ties with this plantation mentality, and start to see ourselves not as victims, but rather as victors, who have something invaluable to offer American society and the world.

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