Stick a Fork In It

…Stick a fork in it–it’s done.  The “Culture” has entered a free fall state into the Abyss:

I got 34 seconds in. Don’t need to go any further. I HATE talking about this subject, especially, during Ramadan, but i think that many folks are not understanding the repercussions of this homosexual agenda. I’m not trying to beat my chest or nuthin’ but i think this pretty much seals the deal for any sane Muslim who might have been a doubter about the need for the African-American Muslim to make a cultural exodus from black “culture.”

The AA culture is being used to promote this diabolical Leftist/Cultural Marxist agenda. It’s understood that the Right Wing guys–the Crusaders and their serfs–are bad news. If you can’t figure that out by now, ya probably will never figure it out. With that said, the Right still promotes some good things, like:

–family values are important (and those values are being attacked by the Left via Hollywood and the university/educational system)
–personal responsibility
–having less government involvement in personal affairs, etc.

(Now whether or not the Right Wing leaders practice (or even believes in) what they preach is besides the point. As Muslims, we accept the truth regardless of who says it. (It is an “ad hominem” fallacy to reject a person’s position b/c of who the person is, as opposed to the content of his argument–simply b/c the Right is correct on some issues doesn’t, however, mean that we should jump on their bandwagon.))

Now the Cultural Marxists (CM) are using black culture to spread their fitnah. So the story goes (according to the Left): black people must NEVER be criticized because they are victims of white racism. Ya, NO DOUBT white racism exists–but simply b/c some people don’t like me because of my skin tone doesn’t give me the right to engage in degenerate or sinful behavior. Not only is black culture regarded as being beyond reproach, anyone (non-black) who points to various pathologies in black culture is regarded as a “racist,” and if the person is himself “black,” then the person is regarded as a “self-hater” and an Uncle Ruckus.

In essence, the Cultural Marxists relegate black people (meaning, a massive underclass of black people–and today it is the black underclass that is regarded as the arbiters of the black experience) to perpetual victim status. They even have a saying amongst them: “You can’t blame the victim”–regardless of how stupid, criminal, or immoral the actions of the “victim” may have been. Another danger here is that the black culture is being used to NORMALIZE and PROMOTE DEVIANT and socially subversive behavior (and again, they are using black folks b/c they are generally regarded as being beyond reproach).

Now on a side note, one of the things the black apologists will say, when the issue of black dysfunction is brought is “WPDIT.” WPDIT, means,, “White People Do It, Too.” This is one of the most inane arguments of the Left. If I (may Allah have mercy on this slave) commit a sin, where in the Sacred Law do i justify my sin by pointing to what some guy in the neighboring village does? How does pointing to someone else’s sin help rectify my situation? Furthermore, pulling the WPDIT card all the more reflects the DEEEEEEEEEP sense of black inferiority that is promoted by the Cultural Marxists. When white people do some jacked-up dysfunctional stuff, they don’t attempt to justify it by saying: “Black people do it, too.” Even the rednecks and hillbillies and those otherwise regarded as “white trash” by their fellow racial brethren don’t attempt to justify their pathologies by pulling a BPDIT card. And the reason being is that whites are held to a HIGHER STANDARD than blacks. Given that blacks (by the Left) are held to lower standards than whites (much less, East Asians), then it is not possible for blacks to become socially equal to–much less surpass–whites, for we can rise no higher than our standards.

It seems the real objective in propagandizing these incidents of white on black violence (all the while being VERY CAREFUL not to mention black on white violence) is to promote the homosexual agenda, for the homosexuals are piggy-backing on the black cause. The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movement is itself part of the homosexual agenda (just go to the website) founded by two lesbians and a lesbian sympathizer.

Almost anytime people bring up the issue of “racism,” they now also throw in so-called “homophobia.” Being racist–i.e. hating a person BECAUSE OF THE THEIR “RACIAL” APPEARANCE–is not the same as being “culturalist” and recognizing that some cultures are better than other cultures (i.e., some cultures produce more pious people than other cultures–of this there is no doubt). Also, being of a given “race” speaks nothing to a person’s CHARACTER. Our color (or “race”) does not dictate our behavior, and we will not be questioned in the grave nor on the Judgment Day about our “race.” We will be judged on what ultimately reflects our character–namely, believing in the Creator properly (the one who insults and slanders his Creator must be wanting in character) AND obeying the Creator. That’s it.

As for homosexual activity, it is EXPLICITLY forbidden in Islam. If the person has a homosexual inclination, then, like all forbidden inclinations, it must be suppressed or transmuted. The Prophet told us that most men have the desire to fornicate. Simply because the desire is there doesn’t mean that we have a “right” to pursue it. The desire to fornicate needs to be denied. If we were to allow ourselves to follow every carnal impulse or every satanic suggestion, then, society would be pretty much in a state of chaos (which is pretty much what these subversive Cultural Marxists want–all ya gotta do is peep the writing of Herbert Marcuse).

It does not seem like it is very far off when the “black movement” will be inseparable to the homosexual movement. That seems especially so, since one of the last standing (significant) black nationalists, who opposed the homo-agenda, was recently taken down in a scandal. We have to ask ourselves: how sympathetic do you think the characters in the above video would be to the Islamic position regarding homosexuality and homosexual behavior. Do you not think that the hatred and vitriol that the homosexual propagandists direct toward traditional Christian America will soon be directed toward Muslims? As i’ve said elsewhere, the Cultural Marxists are only “tolerating” Muslims (now) in order to expose the hypocrisy and bigotry of the Christian-Traditionalists. The Cultural Marxists will throw the Muslims under the bus (in a heartbeat) for their beloved sodomites and lesbians.

What’s the solution? To call people to Tawheed AND to clarify these social issues from AN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE. There are lots of confused and frustrated people who are not getting answers. They are not getting answers about the world around them. They are not getting answers about who is God and what is the purpose of life.

The AA Muslim has the potential to play a very significant role in all of this, but he (or she) has to be willing to reexamine this whole notion of American racial identity and look at the situation clearly and objectively. For one, AA Muslims HAVE TO stop identifying with this culture of victimization that is fed to black folks via the media day and night. The Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam) did not encourage the Muslims to adopt a victim-mentality even when the Muslims were faced with REAL persecution by the pagans.

Two, your “race” doesn’t dictate your behavior, and it need not dictate how you respond to the world around you. One needs to be keenly aware of how much he (or she) being programmed by the media. And the tricknologists behind the media know how to elicit the EXACT responses they want from their various demographics. Three, American (US American) ideas of “race” are not universal–and they have even changed in America over the years. Four, the very concept of the “One Drop Rule,” (which for some reason many “blacks” still insist on holding on to) is inherently racist.

Five, much of what is regarded as “black culture” today is merely the work of social engineering. Black people don’t control their “culture”–rather their “culture” is largely the product of what the media tells black people is their “culture.” Many of the (deviant) behaviors that are normalized today in black culture (such as, illegitimacy and homosexuality) were regarded as disgraceful less than 50 years ago. Who changed the value system… and why? And given the trajectory of these changes, we have to ask ourselves: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THIS THING GOING?!?

We have to make it clear that having certain “racial” characteristics do not determine the honor (or lack thereof) of a person. The Prophet told us: “Allah does not judge you according to your bodies and appearances, but according to your heart and deeds.” Hence, the one who engages in lecherous and degenerate behavior–and even does worse by blaspheming by legitimating such acts–must be regarded as a wretched person. And such a person is wretched not because of his shape or appearance, but because of his foul ACTIONS and sick HEART. In Islam we DEFINITELY judge others (as we should judge–and rectify–ourselves). Judging others is something good!

It does not seem very far down the road in which Muslims will be persecuted not only by the xenophobic Crusaders but also by the Leftists for striving to hold on to our traditional values. Already, the Cultural Marxists are RELENTLESSLY propagandizing the youth with their pro-homo rhetoric in the schools. And the child who does not agree with homosexuality is increasingly being regarded as a pariah, as an outcast. What does this mean for the next generation of Muslims in this country?

If we do not take a stand on this issue–on the conflation of racism with so-called homophobia–then where will we take a stand? Deeming the haraam to be halaal is kufr. And this is ultimately the call of the Cultural Marxists. They PRETEND to befriend Muslims while inviting the naive and gullible to belie what the Prophet taught. Blasphemy is the worst of sins, and today we are faced with an open and apparent evil, and we know that to be silent in the face of evil is to be a mute devil. Let us not be mute devils.

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