The Homosexual Agenda and the Ummah (An Example)

Well… I can’t say that i’m surprised:

This is simply the way things have to go (given the current trajectory).  As has been said before, the greatest danger of the homo-agenda isn’t simply the general state of debauchery that is associated with that culture, but that it leads to kufr.  It leads to kufr, because it leads to people deeming the haraam (forbidden) to be halaal (permissible)–it entails BELYING what the Prophet taught.  If someone claims that a well-known prohibition is acceptable in Islam, then they have rejected what the Prophet taught.  And the one who rejects what the Prophet taught can NOT be a Muslim.  A Muslim cannot “cherry-pick” what he (or she) dislikes about the Deen.  We hear, we accept, and we (strive to) obey–and we certainly don’t reject (what the Prophet conveyed from Allah).   That’s it.  That is what it means to be a Muslim.  The one who believes otherwise is not.

These people (meaning, the sodomophiles and Cultural Marxists, in general) have already laid the arguments out to defend and promote their degeneracy.  And they are attempting to lure Muslims into blasphemy with their specious arguments–that are meant to confuse the ignorant and weak-minded (which is the case with MANY Muslims growing up in the West and are victims of the public “education” (i.e., indoctrination) system).  Hate to sound like a broken record on this topic, but i think MANY Muslims are GREATLY UNDERESTIMATING the danger that this ideology poses to the Imaan of the Muslim youth.

It is one thing for a person to feel an inclination toward one sinful or illicit behavior or another.  This is how we are.  And just because our hearts may be moved toward one haraam or another (or a multitude of haraam acts), this does not give one the right to indulge in sinful behavior.  None of us have a “right” to do a wrong.

We (meaning, people in general–not talking about the Prophets) have ill inclinations.  That’s human nature–whether it be a desire to do drugs, or intentionally sleep through a prayer, or “cheat” and break one’s fast prematurely during Ramadan, or neglect attending circles of mandatory religious knowledge, or steal, or show off in acts of worship, or look down upon fellow Believers, etc.–these are inclinations we have to live with. Having them doesn’t mean that we follow them.  They are inclinations that we have to struggle against and resist.  The Muslim who does so earnestly earns reward from Allah.  The one who surrenders himself (or herself) to the promptings of their nafs (base self) is like putty in the hands of the demons and humans who follow them.

If a Muslim has a problem with illicit lust–like, homosexuality, urges to fornicate, or pornography viewing–then they apply the medicine from the Religion.  They fast; they lower their gaze and don’t look at that which stirs up their desires; they recite the Qur’an (with proper recitation); they make lots of dhikr; they keep in the company of good Muslims, who will remind them of the fleeting nature of this world–and that the one who follows their nafs is going to be a failure.  If they can’t find good companionship, then they can review and memorize authentic Islamic knowledge.   They remind themselves of the deceptive and transient nature of lustful urges.  Like all else of this world, they pass.  This entire mundane existence is not worth the committing of a single sin.

Typically, with these types of “Modernists,” however, they are not interested in obeying Allah.  Rarely–if ever–do they talk about resisting their lower self.  Rather, they want to pretend that they are Muslims–and then proceed to make the (their) religion conform to their desires (and satanic suggestions).  In reality, they are Munaafiqs (blasphemous hypocrites who hate Islam in their hearts)–and many of them seem to be atheists.  They rarely–if ever–talk about matters of `Aqidah (Creed), and just try to give their “own interpretation” of “Islam”… with the purpose of calling the ignorant and weak-minded to confusion and kufr.  And, of course, they are the “darlings” of the Leftists/Cultural Marxists, for these people are held up as examples of “diversity in Islam.”

The danger of these people is profound.  It’s not because of the soundness of their “proofs” or the strength of their arguments, but because of their ability to propagandize and exploit the prevalent identity crises and ignorance of Muslim youth growing up in the West.   As they repeatedly raise their voices to promote outright falsehood and lies, we must raise our voices in the promotion of justice and the promotion of Truth.

Post Script

Let us distinguish between those who are afflicted between homosexual inclinations and those who are attempting to LEGITIMATE abominable behavior.  For the Brother or Sister who is so inclined, they need to work on themselves.  And as a general principle in the Deen, we keep our sins to ourselves.  If one feels these urges, they don’t need to make their business public.  They can seek advice from a person of knowledge and wisdom, but even in doing that, it is better for the person to pose questions in the third person, like to say: “What advice would you give to a young man who is having homosexual urges?”  He doesn’t need to let the one he seeks advice from that he is the one with such feelings.  These are people in need of help, and they should be treated with compassion–and with wisdom.

This is A LOT different from the motivations of the one who wrote the above article.  Such a person is part of a powerful homosexual agenda.  The objective of that agenda is to deem homosexuality as something not only legitimate, but noble.  And it’s objective is to vilify anyone who does not support their perversion.  The Muslim who is struggling with homosexual urges needs to be dealt with wisely and with compassion–while making it clear that engaging in homosexual activity is degrading and forbidden.  The one who is knowingly promotes the homosexual agenda, however, needs to be identified, exposed and anathematized–because, as was said above, it is not only a gateway to abomination, but also to kufr.

One last point.  Some people who self-identify as “Muslims” sometimes object to singling out warning against homosexuality.  Again, it isn’t only the sin–it is the ideology behind the homosexual agenda that poses a grave threat to the Muslims or to American society.  If you have a corporate job (for instance), and in a conversation at work you say: “I don’t drink alcohol”–or “I don’t engage in premarital intimate relations,” chances are your coworkers might look at you side-eyed or regard you as “boring” (but then, some won’t), it is not likely, however, that your job will be threatened.  If, however, you say that you (or your religion) does not approve of homosexual relations (or so-called “same sex marriage”), there is a good chance you will be subjected to “diversity training” or simply fired.  And then, there are the kids.  They (meaning, the homogandists) want to indoctrinate very young children with their vile ideology.  AND they want to turn the children against their parents if their parents don’t accept homosexuality as a “legitimate alternative lifestyle.”

A reminder to myself and others: do not underestimate the wickedness that is behind this agenda.  It is a call to kufr in the name of “tolerance.”  Don’t think that if we ignore this issue that it will go away.  And don’t think that this agenda is only intended for Western regimes.  This is something we are going to have to deal with wherever we are in the world.


Having homosexual inclinations or even engaging in homosexual acts–regardless of how repulsive they may be–does not render the Muslim a non-Muslim. The Muslim who engages in sinful acts is sinful–but still Muslim. However, if one claims that the haraam (forbidden) is legitimate, then this is blasphemy, and this doesn’t only apply to homosexuality, but rather to any of the well-known sins.

May Allah guide us, have mercy on us, and grant us courage and wisdom.

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2 Responses to The Homosexual Agenda and the Ummah (An Example)

  1. Isa Dixon says:

    Excellent article Habibi!!!!!

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