Modernist-Hypocrites and the Rand Report

Modernist-Hypocrites and the Rand Report

I’ve been doing some on-line research on some of the Leftist so-called “Modernist” movements amongst those who profess to be Muslims.  Without much research, it is clear that these (which are, in reality a single overall movement) movements are being invented and promoted to try to undermine traditional Islam.

The Rand Report here pretty much lays out the agenda.  You can’t even call it a “conspiracy” (in the disparaging sense), for this is what they stated they wanted to do–and they are doing it.  Below are some quotes and comments from the “Summary” version of the text.

It was said:

“It therefore seems judicious to encourage the elements within the Islamic mix that are most compatible with global peace and the international community and that are friendly to democracy and modernity. “

[COMMENTS:  They (she) don’t mean “democracy”–they don’t believe in democracy.  What is meant is that Muslims reject their religion for a corporate dominated culture (and corporations aren’t governed by “democracy”) that keeps a certain portion of the population busy with shopping and diving into consumer debt–and others reduced to serfdom to produce those goods.  If they believed REALLY in “democracy,” then they would run the United Nations by a representative system, wherein, each state would have a given number of votes based upon its population.]

It was said:

“Fundamentalists  reject democratic values and contemporary Western culture. They want an authoritarian, puritanical state that will implement their extreme view of Islamic law and morality. They are willing to use innovation and modern technology to achieve that goal.

[COMMENTS:  This would refer to your Wahhabis/Saudi regime, so-called ISIS, Boko Haraam, Ansarud-Din, Ikhwaan of Egypt, the Shi`ite radicals etc.]

•  Traditionalists want a conservative society. They are suspicious of modernity, innovation, and change.

[COMMENTS: She means observant Muslims who have an Islamic identity.]

•    Modernists want the Islamic world to become part of global modernity. They want to modernize and reform Islam to bring it into line with the age.

[COMMENTS: In other words those suffering from identity issues and inferiority complexes.  Their frame of references for normalcy and morality is Western, corporate controlled consumer culture.]

•   Secularists want the Islamic world to accept a division of church [sic] and state in the manner of Western industrial democracies, with religion relegated to the private sphere”

[COMMENTS: A sort of schizoid type that claim to be Muslims but don’t want to practice Islam.]

In general, however these are the different camps of people who self-identify as Muslims.

It says:

“The fundamentalists are hostile to the West and to the United States in particular and are intent, to varying degrees, on damaging and destroying democratic modernity. Supporting them is not an option, except for transitory tactical considerations.”

[COMMENTS: And this is what these people want us to follow–meaning, that they want us to follow their (Western-secularist) example, which they can only promote by way of lies and treachery.  They ADMIT that they will support extremist groups (like, what we have seen in Syria and Iraq as of late)—and they are merely using these people for their own ends.  Given this to be the case, it is understandable (not justifiable) that unlearned youth would seek to join extremist groups to oppose such an immoral culture (but, again, they are only being used by the Western regimes).]

It says:

“The modernists and secularists are closest to the West in terms of values and policies. However, they are generally in a weaker position than the other groups, lacking powerful backing, financial resources, an effective infrastructure, and a public platform.”

[COMMENTS: Explained below.]

Now she lays it out:

“Support the modernists first:

—    Publish and distribute their works at subsidized cost.
—    Encourage them to write for mass audiences and for youth.
—    Introduce their views into the curriculum of Islamic education.
—    Give them a public platform.
— Make their opinions and judgments on fundamental questions of religious interpretation available to a mass audience in competition with those of the fundamentalists and traditionalists, who have Web sites, publishing houses, schools, institutes, and many other vehicles for disseminating their views.
—  Position secularism and modernism as a “counterculture” option for disaffected Islamic youth.
— Facilitate and encourage an awareness of their pre- and non-Islamic history and culture, in the media and the curricula of relevant countries.
— Assist in the development of independent civic organizations, to promote civic culture and provide a space for ordinary citizens to educate themselves about the political process and to articulate their views.”

[COMMENTS: This pretty much spells out why groups like the “Hadith-Rejectors” are promoted.  As has been stated many times before, they seek to target the youth with their looney ideology–but for those young people infatuated with the West, they think that the Western rhetoric of “freedom,” “democracy,” “tolerance,” etc. have any real substance to it.  This also explains why homosexuality is being promoted by these so-called “Modernists.”  The objective to generate confusion and strife amongst the Muslims.

Oddly enough (not really), these people boast about the superiority of “democracy,” but can only promote it by deception.  You don’t need to lie to promote the Truth.  If these people believe in “democracy,” which means the rule of the masses, then why don’t they encourage a Middle East referendum on the existence of the Zionist state?  The Western secularists like to push an agenda of integration; then why not let the people of the Middle East vote on whether or not the  the Zionist entity should be integrated into the rest of the region?  One person.  One vote.  Sounds like democracy to me.

If the secularists really believed in the superiority of their “democratic” system (which, of course, they themselves don’t have) and the free exchange of political ideas, then why don’t they announce their intentions to all the people concerned?  Why do they promote the ideologies of tiny minorities, when in a democracy, the majority should rule?  Not only are they promoting the ideologies of tiny minorities, they are doing so in order to subvert the desires of the masses.  How is that “democratic?”  This shows how they don’t believe in the very ideals they profess… in other words, they are hypocrites.]

The document goes on to say:

“Support the traditionalists against the fundamentalists:
—   Publicize traditionalist criticism of fundamentalist violence and extremism; encourage disagreements between traditionalists and fundamentalists.
—  Discourage alliances between traditionalists and fundamentalists.
—  Encourage cooperation between modernists and the traditionalists who are closer to the modernist end of the spectrum
—  Where appropriate, educate the traditionalists to equip them better for debates against fundamentalists. Fundamentalists are often rhetorically superior, while traditionalists practice a politically inarticulate “folk Islam.” In such places as Central Asia, they may need to be educated and trained in orthodox Islam to be able to stand their ground.
—  Increase the presence and profile of modernists in traditionalist institutions.”

[COMMENTS: The comments about the Hanafi Madhhab are misleading.  Genuine Sufis are religiously learned, but there are many fraudulent ignoramuses nowadays.]

In my opinion, we should not focus nearly exclusively upon the radical extremists and leave out educating people about the dangers of the “Modernists.”  Their threat is not of the same nature as those with a penchant for mass decapitations, but their misguidance leads one to belying the Deen and, hence, to blasphemy.  And as the document says, they wish to target Muslim youth who are ignorant of the Deen and vulnerable to the insidious propaganda of the secularists.  As one can see, the “Modernists” themselves employ the same arguments of the Cultural Marxists–and as a matter of fact, are merely a faction amongst them.]

Maa-shaa’ Allah, these people are busy.  Instead of seeking to learn about the proper belief in the Creator of the Universe and worshiping the Creator, this is what these people spend their time and resources on.  How can one even THINK that these people are “sincere?”   If these people were so confident in the superiority of their way of life, why do they have to stoop to lies and deception to promote it?  This what they are calling Muslims to: to live lives of deception, subterfuge, and subversion.  So much for “democracy” and open debate… so much for integrity.

Please keep in mind that this is from the Rand Corporation and major and mainstream think tank.  This was published back in 2003, and we can see how over the past dozen how things are playing out.

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