Homosexualism: Part One: The Agenda

Homosexualism: Part One: The Agenda

This is intended as a short series to make people aware of the dangers homosexualism poses for the society.  It also will help one recognize the deceptive propaganda of the radical homosexualists—and how to expose and counter their claims.

Some may wonder why should i focus on this particular behavior when American society is drowning all sorts of sin and vice.  The reason being isn’t only because the the homosexualists are trying to lure Muslim youth into a life of depravity.  The homosexualists also seek to persecute Muslims for not approving of the homosexul “life”style.  And we can anticipate that if the homosexualists get their way, that they will even advocate Muslim children should be taken away from their religiously observant parents.  And, of course, the homosexualists’ greatest harm is that they are trying to manipulate Muslims, so that they will deny what the Prophet, and consequently commit blasphemy by belying Islam.

I just finished this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrgdfl_e1Xg

It is among the MOST disturbing things i’ve ever seen–in that it EXPLICITLY demonstrates the utter depravity of those promoting homosexualism.

A quote from the “Gay [sic/sick] Community Newspaper” in discussing the objective of the homo-perv activists.  A`udhu billah, he said:

“We will sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity.  We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker room, in your seminaries, in your youth groups.”    (That’s from the 23:44 mark)

Throughout the video, you have DIRECT AND LIVE professions from homo-activists about their agenda. On the one hand, they laugh at and ridicule those who say that there is a homo-agenda, although the homos–per their OWN WORDS–BOAST about how they have infiltrated the schools systems and the political arena.  On that note, they boast:

“The election of Bill Clinton was the most significant event in the history of gay [sic/sick] ‘rights.”‘

What a horrifying thought if this Hilary thing is to become President, for she is a hardcore advocate of homosexualism and radical feminism (which is part of the homosexual agenda).

The beginning of the video talks about how the sodomophiles hijacked the Civil Rights Movement (and then later turned around and attacked (many) black people for not being homo-friendly enough).  Back then–although the argument is no longer made–folks were saying what is evident:

Being of a given race is not a choice.  Voluntary sodomy is a choice.

At the 32:10 mark their is some description of the activities these people engage in.  La`natullah `alayhim!!!  This is what they are calling your children to.

Among the things i’ve come to realize about these putrid beings is that they are devoid of any moral compass.  It’s not just the perverted acts they engage in, but these things, lie, and lie, and lie.  They don’t care to observe ANY moral standards.  All they want is a license to indulge in their lust (one former-homo dying from AIDS says in the video that he had FIFTY partners… in ONE night… and he said that this is a norm amongst them).  They will lie without ANY compunction—they are blinded by their lust for rectums, and nothing else matters to them.

If anyone has ANY doubt about the homo-agenda–aside from the fact homophiles openly confess that there is–we can see how this thing is playing out right before our eyes.  Maa-shaa’ Allah, given the power that these people have, and their pride in their perversion, i fear for the Muslims here.  Allah obliterated a people for this behavior in the past, and we know that when societies become utterly decadent, they get destroyed–and often in horrifying ways.

Please educate people and warn them.  This evil is real.

(NB: There is no need to watch the footage in the video.  Also, after the 40 minute mark, the rest of the video is an advertisement for a Christian organization, which can be ignored.)

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