Homosexualism: Part Two: The Cost

Homosexualism: Part Two: The Cost

Given that religious, moral, or general “spiritual” arguments against the homosexualists are not accepted anymore in the general society, perhaps, if we speak in their language—the language of money—some of them (the sodomite sympathizers, not the rectum-lusters themselves) can see the grave harm the homos pose to the society.   In particular, let us focus on the health costs of homosexaul activity.


This one actually surprised me (ya learn something new everyday).  Given the power of the homo-lobby, they tend to get whatever they want.  However, because they are so disease infested, the Federal Drug Administration actually has a ban-for-life upon male homos from giving blood:


The Red Cross can take blood from “Ned, The Wino,” but they won’t take it from “Twinkie, The Homo.”


Let’s look at HIV.  Although homos constitute 2-3% of the population they make up SIXTY PERCENT (not six, but SIXTY percent) of the HIV cases.  So that means any given homosexual male is 20-30 TIMES more likely to be infected with HIV than any given man who stays out of dudes’ solid waste eliminatory outlets.

As you research this, it is MIND BLOWING.  It was said:

“A 2011 study in 20 U.S. cities found that 18% of gay or bisexual men had HIV. That’s about 1 in 6 men. Of these men, 33% did not know they had HIV. ”

Now in spite of these homos knowing about HIV/AIDS for about 30 years, and that it is very prevalent amongst them… they simply can’t resist rectums, and it is spreading amongst them.  And this is why they want to target the youth. They want to infect them and ruin their lives with their depravity.  It was said:

“[T]there was a 12% increase in new infections among gay and bisexual men overall between 2008 and 2010, and a 22% increase among young gay and bisexual men aged 13-24.”

For the record the stats are not from some Christian fundamentalist site… they are from THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL (CDC):


(MSM here doesn’t mean “Mainstream Media,” but rather “men who have sex with men.”)

There’s more… a lot more….

Oh, let’s mention the cost.  The cost?  The cost for NEW HIV cases in 2012 was TWELVE BILLION DOLLARS:



Let’s look at how gonorrhea and “the clap”  afflict this group.  Of those tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia in surveyed cities, roughly 10-25% of the sodomites tested positive (and folks, let’s remember, this is for ONE year).  And, again, this is from the CDC.


Let’s see if the sodomites fair any better with syphillis….  Naw…  not a chance.  As for syphillis, a hefty FIFTY-FOUR PERCENT of the sodomites in San Francisco tested positive for the disease.   Philly, Baltimore, More, and Seattle had similar numbers.  See: http://www.cdc.gov/std/stats10/figures/x.htm


Mental health.  All the figures I am coming across show that (in addition to the mental illness of homosexuality itself) these people suffer from many other mental problems, depression, and substance abuse, and suicide.  There lifespans are on 24 years shorter than the average American.  For the one interested, they can investigate this topic some more.


The BIZARRE case of promoting homosexuality in Africa.  Okay, it is common knowledge that male homosexual activity is a main contributor to the spread of HIV/AIDS.  It is known that Africa suffers DISPROPORTIONATELY from HIV/AIDS cases.  Let’s look at some stats.

Of the age group 15-49,

—15% percent of the people in Zimbabwe have HIV

— 23% of the people in Botswana and in Lesotho have HIV

–South Africa, the largest country in the region—which is extremely pro-homo—has 17.3% of its population with HIV (it might be the only country in Africa that “legalized” so-called “gay” “marriage”).

—Swaziland has a whopping 26% of the people infected with HIV

In South Africa 500,000 people PER YEAR are newly infected.  There is an entire subculture of “AIDS” orphans—said to be around 3 MILLION—(many of these children themselves were infected by HIV while in the womb).  Honestly, what are these people (those who promote the homosexual agenda) on?  Honestly.  Look at these poor children:

And then consider the tremendous financial strain and stress that HIV/AIDS has on South African society. Who in their right mind would promote homosexuality when you can see up close the utter devastation it has brought upon Southern Africa?  As for costs… annually… it’s costing South Africa, which is not the richest country in the world…

2.3 BILLION DOLLARS (each year) to deal with its AIDS epidemic.

It is interesting to note that the Muslim countries of North Africa have a considerably lower HIV/AIDS rate.


It is obvious to any reasonable person that the promotion of homosexuality is driven by an agenda that has no regard for general public safety. I came across a nice counterpoint related to this.  The government spends LOTS money on anti-tobacco campaigns because of the health hazard that they ascribe to smoking. On the other hand, there aren’t campaigns to discourage people from engaging in homosexual behavior.  Logically, this makes NO SENSE.  The harm that might come from smoking appears years down the road.  The diseases that are spread by way of the homosexual “life”style can be immediate—and they can infect unborn babies, and their diseases can lead to epidemics.

There is a lot more one can say on this. I think the above is enough to make everyone (who is reasonable) very concerned about what is taking place in the society.  There are people; they have an agenda; their agenda doesn’t have your best interests in mind—neither in this life, nor the one to come.

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3 Responses to Homosexualism: Part Two: The Cost

  1. Zee Ozuna says:

    Wonderfully enlightening article!

  2. abuasiyahyahya says:

    In the south Africa paragraph it says with is extremely pro-homo, and it should say which is extremely pro-homo.

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