Homosexualism: Part 3: The Deception


Of the numerous misguided groups and ideologies  i’ve dealt with over the years, none have disturbed me as much as my recent research into homosexualism and its agenda.  I decided to do this series expose the lies and deception of the homosexualists, and provide people with some basic information and counterarguments to their claims.  God-willing, when this is series is done, it’s done; however it can serve as a useful resource when discussing this topic.


The homosexualists claim that they are not trying to recruit children into their debauched lifestyle.  They claim that one can only be “born homosexual” and environmental influences have no role in a person becoming a homosexual.


I don’t want to get into the argument about “being born homosexual.”  It seems that some young males do have more feminine attributes than other young males (and some young females have more masculine traits).  Perhaps, such boys will have an early inclination toward homosexual activity (especially, if they are exposed to it and encouraged to engage in it), but that does not change the fact that simply because a person has a desire to commit a certain abhorrent  act that it gives one the right to do it.  The inclination toward a given sin is not justification for the sin.  The Prophet Muhammad said:

“In every [i.e., most–not every in the categorical sense, for the blind and the Prophets, for instance are clear of such] eye is the look of fornication.”

Most men will have the desire to fornicate at one time or another.  That desire doesn’t make the act or the look of lust halaal (permissible).  Rather, as with all our sinful proclivities, we should resist them.


If people cannot be influenced to engage in homosexual behavior, then WHAT IS THE CASE WITH HOMOSEXUALS IN PRISON?  Basically, the homosexualists are left with taking one of two positions.  Either they admit that homosexuality, given its deviant nature, not only leads to sexual perversion but also other social deviant, anti-social, and CRIMINAL behavior (it all pretty much comes along with the package)… AND/OR… they admit that by being in an environment filled with homosexuality, it can influence some people to engage in voluntary homosexual activity.  Here, i am not talking about HOMOSEXUALS raping men in prison.  I am talking about the numerous homosexuals who consent to their perversion.  The danger of HOMOSEXUAL rapists is another topic in itself.  There is a book on this subject called: No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons.*  So, there you have it: either homosexuals have a propensity toward criminal behavior, (and) or people can be “converted” to their behavior.

Now, some of the homosexualists will claim that many of the men in prison are not genuine homosexuals… although they (voluntarily) engage in sodomy and other homosexual acts.  This is an example of a person’s brain corrupted by the lies of the homosexual agenda. A man who desires to sodomize another man or gets aroused at the thought of being sodomized has homosexual inclinations—and in the prisons, many men act upon those inclinations.

(It is interesting to note that Presidential hopeful, Ben Carson (personally, not a fan), said the obvious back in March of 2015. He said that many men go into prison heterosexual and come out as a homosexual. Pretty obvious. A heterosexual seventeen year old male is thrown into prison for five years with mass of criminal perverts. He is terrorized and sold into (homo)sexual slavery by HOMOSEXUAL prison inmates. Ya, surprise, surprise, he gets out of prison and has serious mental issues and “gender confusion.” Although something as common sense as that was rejected by the Leftist media… and Ben felt compelled to retract his plain as day statement. And the really disturbing this is how the Leftist are ridiculing Carson for using common sense.)


Back to the children. One of the claims is that the homosexualists say that they don’t target kids. (We will put aside the homoganda that is now being used in the schools (we covered that in part one of this series.)) Well, let’s look at what Harry Hay, the homosexualists, who is regarded as the “father of the ‘gay’ rights movement” in America, said:

“Because if the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world. ”

This is a picture of Harry. It says:

Harry Hay: the

Harry Hay: the “father of the homosexual movement in the USA promoting man-on-boy sodomy.

NAMBLA, in case you didn’t know stands for “North American Man-Boy Love Asssociation.” It is the largest advocacy group for promoting adult male on boy sodomy (and other homosickual activities). On a side note: Kevin Jennings, regarded as the “Safe Schools Czar” praised homo-advocate, Harry Hay, and the 1993 Homo-March on Washington (please see part One of this series). Kinda odd, that a guy working with kids would praise another guy who was a major proponent of men sodomizing boys. Well… not really, when we consider the depravity of the culture.


When one makes the connection between sex crimes against children and homosexualism, the homosexualists race forth to say that most of the child molesters are heterosexuals. In the course of this research, the more and more I concluded that these people are not very honest. Even IF one recognizes that most of the molestation cases involve heterosexuals, that doesn’t change the fact that AN ASTRONOMICALLY DISPROPORTIONATE amount of child molestation occurs at the hands of HOMOSEXUALS. It is simply dishonest to ignore the disparity in sheer numbers—i.e., homosexauls are reported to make up anywhere from 2-5% of the population. Hence, heterosexuals out number homos anywhere from 20-50:1. Depending on the study, typically about one-third of molestation cases are male on male. Hence, in the most generous construction, homosexuals are 600% more likely to molest young people than heterosexuals.

On a related note, when the homosexualists sought to attack the Catholic Church on its molestation scandal, they were VERY CAREFUL never to call what the priests were doing HOMOSEXUAL child molestation. Guys who molests boys and young teens are perverts, and they are HOMOSEXUAL perverts. Case closed.


The homosexualists keep claiming that the push for so-called “’gay’ marriage” is not an attack on the family. Again, as a rule, we are dealing with a group of people who have little regard for any standards of morality—even basic notions of honesty. It’s enough to look at the literature of the lesbian and male sodomite activists and see what their attitude toward the family is (i.e., family with a husband and wife). At least one of them is honest about their hatred for the institution of marriage and the desire of the homosexualists to destroy it:


At the 0:33 mark she says that the institution of marriage should not exist… and she gets a raving applause for that comment from the audience. (She claims that she has three kids with FIVE parents.) These are the people that some want to set the new norms for American society. And it is the “’life’-style” of these people that some are trying to impose upon the Muslims, both here in the Muslim homelands.

It is important that people are aware of what is going on. It is critical that Muslims do not dare budge on this issue. Homosexual activity is forbidden, and deeming it permissible is kufr. We can be polite with those who have this inclination, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t speak out against this behavior or warn against the VERY REAL homosexual agenda. Also, the children must be educated about the disease ridden wickedness of the debauched homosexual “’life’-style.” And they need to be told more than once or twice. One of the main things to do with the children and youth is to educate them about the nature of the media and pop culture and how the forces behind it are seeking to destroy Islam.

May Allah guide us, protect us, and have mercy on us.

Post Script: Homosexuals  and Serial Murder

A while back, I was watching some crime documentaries about serial killers. One of the immediately striking things about the serial killers is that many serial killers were homosexuals (i.e., people who engaged in homosexual activity—often with the victims… alive… or not alive). Of the ten most prolific American serial killers over the past century, seven of them have been homosexuals; this is with the exception of one serial killer who worked at a hospital and poisoned patients (http://www.ranker.com/list/most-prolific-american-serial-killers/ranker-crime?format=SLIDESHOW&page=3).

In Russia, you had this homosexual necrophiliac who raped, mutilated, and murdered more than fifty women, girls, and boys:


This is not to suggest that all homosexuals are serial killers, but homosexuals are astronomically over-represented in the ranks of serial killers. Depravity, by its very nature, does not want limits. The homosexual lifestyle is depraved and does not want limits. In the past, it was taken for granted that there was a link between homosexual behavior and mental illness. And any research on this subject leads the reasonable person to realize that this the proper conclusion.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Escape:_Male_Rape_in_U.S._Prisons

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