Farrakhan: A Sunni Perspective Part 1

This is a lecture explaining the difference between orthodox Sunni Islam and the the teachings of Louis Farrakhan and the so-called “Nation of Islam.”  In brief, Muslims believe in One, Perfect, Eternal, and Inc0mparable Creator (Allah).  The Creator ABSOLUTELY does not need the creations; hence, the Creator is not of time or space.  Allah is not an object or an image and is not of a substance.  The Creator is not a material being, and the Creator is not a spiritual being.  Whatever one imagines, Allah is totally different from that.

As for the Louis Farrakhan, he claims that God was born to a she-devil in 1877.  He also claims that God is not One–as Muslims believe–but rather he claims hundreds of millions of “Asiatic Blackmen” are Allah.  Anyone who worships something other than (or along with) the Creator is NOT a Muslim–and is guilty of shirk (polytheism–associating partners with Allah).  The one who dies on shirk will not be forgiven by Allah.

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